Zombie apocalypse fiction updates/news/suggestions/discussions

This topic is all about zombie apocalypse fictions. Hosted games or choice of games are welcomed.


I’m obsessed with zombie apocalypse. Very much so. My favorite is zombie exodus, JimD is my fave author. Humorist guy. Anyway, can anyone give me suggestions?

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Well have you checked out other sites? If you haven’t maybe you might like this…
This is a pretty good zombie survival game… But it has LOTS of reading. :grin:

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Why are so many people obsessed with zombie apocalypse stories…

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And how is that different from anything on this site? :smirk:

Anyway, in an attempt to stay somewhat on topic, there was an entry in last year’s CSComp that reminded me a lot of a zombie survival story, though it doesn’t feature any actual zombies (not by the traditional definition anyway). Sadly it’s unfinished, and it doesn’t seem like the author has continued it after the competition, but I really enjoyed it, so it might be a good read.



Hahaha true… But come on, I can’t be the only one who gets a little bit overwhelmed by how much content some of these guys put out? Like EndMaster… Phew… His stories are great :relieved:

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i LOVE long reads. heck, I’ve once completed a 400K fic in one day(forgot to eat) and damn it was good. Anyway, I think zombie apocalypse is good because raiding a supermarket has always been a dream of mine.
Thank you for the suggestions btw,!

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I like zombie apocalypse. Whether it’s reading, playing, or even watching it as a movie or series. IMO it’s harder and harder to find quality work, as they all turn out to be the same with only slight differences. I also love apocalypse themed games, hence why I’ve written one myself. The content can vary a lot, since they are not only focusing on zombies. Sigh, how I miss the Stalker series :stuck_out_tongue:

Here, have some Zombie Flash games, that have story and most of them have choices.

The Sagittarian: Choice based flash game. There’s four parts to this you can find linked to on the site.

Dead Frontier 1 - Choice based flash game. There’s two parts. The second should be linked to on the site.

Rebuild 2: I can’t remember if the first one has much of a story. The second one has snippets from what I can recall.

Don’t Escape 2: The Outbreak: Adventure game where you have to survive. Despite the 2 it’s a stand alone game.

Lab Of The Dead This is one of my favourites. You get some zombies to experiment upon and as you do a story unravels.

Bonus: http://www.survivetheoutbreak.com/ Interactive Zombie movie. You get to make choices. I wanted everyone to die. DIE!!!

Heh found another one. DELIVER ME TO HELL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9p1yBlV7Ges


A zombie apocalypse otome, if anyone might be interested. You get to play a research scientist! It’s called Lost Island. (There’s a free version and a paid version.)

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One of my favorite Strategy zombie games. The game wasn’t too story based. More TBS than anything with skill levelling and some city building.
Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadville is pretty good Imho and it has more story elements, still TBS, but some choices.

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I’ve played dead frontier 2. Its the MMORPG, right?

I didn’t even know Dead Frontier had a sequel.

Oh wait, its dead frontier not dead frontier 2. Best game, raiding house, getting swarmed in your very first mission, chased by a dozen zombie but you out of ammo… Yup

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Mother freaking Endmaster. Probably one of the few writers of choice games whose writing is good enough that I don’t feel inclined to skim.

It would be a crime to skim through his works… But I’m actually guilty of that hahaha A long time ago, when I was a less enlightened peasant :smile:

guys, you should really try survival horror. That game fucked up my mind, no kidding. My brain was in high alert in the entire time, its unnerving. I don’t even…you should really try.

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