Games like Choice of and Cause of Death?

So I’ve read a lot of interactive fiction, and my fav Choice of game has to be the Hero Trilogy or Romance Trilogy. I also played Cause of death, which I liked since it was cut into episodes and Seasons like a TV Show. The thing that I really loved about Cause of death though was the characters, especially the amazing villains and mystery. I’ve also read an amazing Interactive zombie story on Deviantart called Just Short of the Dead by Tom Gould. I love this because it was episodic and the choices had real impact, just like Choice of Games and Telltale Games. I’ve looked at some similar topics and have seen a lot of people recommending gamebooks, although it seems like books in those series aren’t sequels to each other and just use new sets of characters and worlds for each book, which really isn’t my thing tbh

Sorry for the long paragraph, I just wanted to let you know my preferences to make it a little easier to answer. Thanks in advance!

What kind of genres and themes are you into? It’s a bit hard to tell from what you’ve written, but it does seem like you enjoy long-spanning series with a lot of action and drama. If you’re into zombie stories and characters with loads of depth, I would definitely recommend Zombie Exodus. Way Walkers is a nice blend of fantasy, drama, and action, and it has a third part coming out soon. Tin Star is another well-written one that brings impressive life into its characters, although it’s not a series (as far as I know). I can’t think of anything besides the Hero trilogy that’s formatted more like a TV show, although I think Unnatural will have a Season Two soon? I haven’t played it myself, though, so I can’t be sure.


I’m in agreement with this statement. I second these choices.

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Themes that I’m into are like you said, a good series with a lot of action and drama, like Cause of Death (It was 16 SEASONS) I’ll check out what you recommended already, but if there is any others you can think of I’d appreciate you letting me know

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I can’t believe I forgot Lucid’s games, considering I’m a big fan of them. The Lost Heir is a fantasy adventure with lots of opportunities for romance, and each of the NPCs barring your mentor have their own subquests, but only the first part is out right now. Same deal with Hero of Kendrickstone. And of course, Choice of the Vampire is another long runner, but it’s focused much more on social politics and personal drama than on action and adventure. I’ll let you know if I think of any more; those are just some of the first ones I remember.

The people who designed Cause of Death have another game called Surviving High School. It’s no longer being updated, but if the existing chapters are still available, there were a lot of them.

I only played SHS because I loved COD so much, and was pleasantly surprised by how well-written and engaging it was. I’m now making my own game set in High School, so yeah. It was great. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: