Games that give you a summary of your choices

Can anyone give me any recommendations for games that summarise shit you did

For example like Tin Star

I like that stuff

Much appreciated


If you’re talking about a massive extended epilogue, no, I don’t know of any that complex; there are a couple games like choice of robots and choice of magics which contains a list of events that have proceeded through the story at the bottom of the stats screen but that’s about it


Telltale series of “The walking dead”, “Batman” and “The wolf among us”. The console game “Until dawn” is also quite good in this sense.

“Detroit: become human” can be interesting for you as well, I hope


I was thinking games on here lol

Life of a Wizard does that with a lot of your choices at the end, though I don’t think it mentions all of them. I think also a lot of the series include a summary of what happened in the previous book at the beginning of each new book, I know that’s the case with The Lost Heir trilogy, anyway.

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