Zombie exodous


wth i got to chapter iv but i cant continue y u put it as a app u should have both so people without ipads and iphones can finish it X(


If ya’ve Google Chrome, you can download that as an app there, y’know?
Shouldn’t ya put this in the Zombie Exodus ACTUAL thread?


well ain’t chapter 5 haven’t been released


@Shadow you can play it on Google Chrome through an app, and one day it may be available as an e-book through Amazon. Otherwise, the business model here is to publish apps, so that is the primary way things are provided.


@Shadow, I don’t have a smartphone or tablet, and it works just fine as a Google Chrome app on my home computer.


XD I ran into this problem(not exactly but the same kinda outcome) spend some of the last money I have on some games then realized I screwed up because I get apps on my computer using bluestacks and then when I tried to play it bluestacks was too underdeveloped to run what I had and my ipad cant play android apps :confused: 12 dollars down the drain.


I’m fairly certain this isn’t a work in progress.



Parts 1-4 are completed and available. @JimD is writing Part 5 atm


Can’t wait for part 5


Oh yes. Once I get back to the cathedral, heads are gon’ roll. Or one head, in particular …


Whodunit? probably not Tom since this seems like it all points to him. Has Emma’s cheese finally slipped off the cracker? (and yes i borrowed that expression from 2Ton)


Well you WOULD think that since Tom id just so obvious at this point that Jim is setting us up for some big twist, but I do also remember him saying that we wouldn’t be too shocked about how things play out so I dunno.