Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: Part Three Discussion Thread

Parrot would be a terrible zombie apocalypse pet they’re really loud and birds are never fully domesticated. Logistically a horse would be difficult to care for also


Indeed, really hard to train parrots to be quiet.

Not really, you can just make it eat grass, or a ton of vegetables/fruit, and food in ZE is remarkably easy to aquire, especially now that we are getting farms and greenhouses, and having work animals like horses (and livestock in general) is only going to get more important as we go further into the apocalypse.

Hell, a horse, even if only to plow the fields, would already be more useful than any other animal we got so far.

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Does anyone knows what value affects the number of actions you can take in chapter 2-3 when they switch out the time of day for the number of actions you can take before something happens? Cause I tried typing search and task on the save manager but I couldn’t find anything for that.

Chapters one and two still use time of day, but chapter 3 limits you to nine actions, including mandated plot events that happen without your own input

Some part of Chapter 2 uses the actions part but Chapter 3 limits you to either 4 or 5 actions. Idk where you got nine from.