Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: Part Three Discussion Thread

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Do college students get the parents still alive subplot or is that just teens?

I think it’s just for teens. When I played as a college student, I was told very early on that my parents were dead and there was never any reason to question it.


Do the other backgrounds have their own subplots?

The four that I know have their own subplots are teenager, scientist, soldier, and hacker. Other backgrounds do have occupation-specific content, but nothing that comes to the level of a distinct subplot.


Another question: is the gardening hobby make a big difference in part 3?

I don’t remember it making a huge difference when I played a character with that hobby, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a big payoff in a later part of the game if you got a garden started early and tended it often


I’m sure this has been ask several times but what is the most beneficial way to deal with Jude? I want to keep him alive for later but I also want to max out pharmacy supplies. I usually make several items to trade with him but he doesn’t allow us to take very much. I’ve scared him off too but I feel like I’ve read where there is a possible way of getting three loads from the pharmacy. I’ve also taken Parker before but we know how that normally goes…

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Nah, I believe the maximum is two loads. So far, there is no way to know for sure how beneficial it will be to spare Jude. Killing/scaring is the most beneficial so far, but only time will tell.

Updated the game and not seeing the house attic or closet an an option at the junkyard. Is it not at the beginning @JimD?

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What I usually did was use the grocery store intercom to say he’s surrounded, which scares Jude off and lets you scavenge full load.


You need to Search through the main house. Maybe I'll find some hidden supplies or something that can tell me more about Eli and Kevin in chapter 8 before they become available.


Hmm, did that, and my character finds the attic in text, yet the option to move in still doesn’t even pop up. Do you have to take over the junkyard to do it? I chose the “pay rent” option and Jaime is my leader. Is there something blocking me from moving in?

Edit: Yep, made it all the way to Chapter 9 and nothing. I am on an Android device.

Edit 2: Booted up a from-scratch Part 3 save with a premade character and same result. I’m starting to think the presidential address that can happen immediately after is making the option not pop up? Will try to search the house after.

Edit 3: Searching the house without interference from an event afterwards produces the same result.


So other than Gina and Jillian, are there any other “poly” romances that have been implicated in game? I feel a while ago people had discussed it but I wasn’t sure if there any other primary and second romances with similar interactions.

Currently there’s not really any more poly in the game; there’s a threesome with Jaime and Lopez, but unlike the Jillian/Gina poly, that hasn’t led to anything further (unless it’s been updated since I last looked). Several other characters have indicated that they might be okay with poly, but thus far that hasn’t gone anywhere either. There is not (currently) Tommy/Lopez poly, they just get together if you’re not dating them, but it’s probably one of the more likely pairings to be added to the game later on.


I will have to look into it. I had it working, but I’ll need to see right you’re unable to move into those rooms. Thanks for reporting this.


I haven’t had the time to test out the new stuff as of yet, but I just feel like adding something nonetheless. It is important to note that scavenging isn’t the only attribute that will actually allow success when it comes to scavenging. In some seens, scavenging combined with other attributes such as electronics, driving or science will allow the MC to recognise certain things. One thing that comes to mind is when going to the grocery store, the one where you meet Jude. Even if you have a high scavenging stat, not having a good medicine stat Will make your MC fail to recognise insulin or birth control pills for example.

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I’m not sure if this was taken out but in part 2, I no longer have the option to open Finn’s bag. The scene where he and Layla are still there but upon going to the option on the hill, it’s no longer there.

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So is it not possible to spend time with Kevin during “free time”? Everyone else pops up like Fred, Sean, and Billie but not Kevin.


I usually just carry my best pistol and a calvary sword, so I found it funny when the MC was so surprised by rachel when scouting with her.