Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: Part Three Discussion Thread

Same. It keeps it real. Some of the ro’s like Lopez can be persuaded but u need high social skills to do it.


Sorry I’m just replying to this now. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. Anyway, Murphy will show up again if he’s still alive after the events at the research facility. I am surprised of the popularity of his character.

Most ROs change orientation based on the player’s orientation and gender. When I originally created Tommy, he was a gay male and became a fairly popular character. I didn’t want to change his sexuality, and so I kept him as a romantic option only for male characters.

I had never intended to make Rosie an RO, but someone pointed out that there are no female-only romantic options like Tommy for the men. To be fair, I made her an RO, and I’m glad I did. I think she has a different style as a romantic interest than others.


I hope you’re A-OK, Jim :people_hugging:


You don’t know me, but hope you’re doing well :relaxed::relaxed::heart: -huge fan of your zombie exodus universe.


Haha, I don’t know that he’s popular so much as a line I’m remembering from The Rock where the FBI director doesn’t want Connery to accompany the mission after all the mayhem he’s caused but the SEAL commander says something like “This piece of work might be our best chance for success.” That’s Murphy.

Hope this finds you on the upswing, Jim.


Do you guys know how to ally with the Red Mambas?

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During the beginning of part 3 Drake will come to get his motorcycle fixed and you need to have Kevin fix it and he will offer an alliance, accept it. After that during the museum visit the mambas will attack the museum group and you need to side with the mambas by either helping to kill the museum members or by making them surrender while giving what they took to the bikers.

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During the museum vs RMBC conflict, I did the following things:

  1. Warned Tommy to get away from the window when Thelma and co shot their way in.
  2. Warned Thelma about Percy and Cruz’s ambush. The freed prisoners completed their ambush.
  3. Successfully got Gilbert to surrender.
  4. Told the museum survivors to give back the fuel and the captives and not to cross paths with the RMBC again.

Dead people: Percy (Museum crew), Darlene (RMBC)

I don’t see how that sequence of events leaves the museum crew as future allies of the Junkyard Group, and how we still have a relationship of 53 with them. I also wonder why the RMBC count it as a loss later when we meet at the Silverthorne FEMA camp.

First of all, I’d like to congratulate the amazing adventure that I’m lucky enough to be apart of, all due to an inmeasurable amount of time and effort, visible not only throughout the game but solidified in the inumerous posts, stating the exact same sentiment but with better english lol.
I’m a somewhat new person in joining this world, and I apologise if the topic I’m about to bring light to as already been discussed and finished.
So, while playing the game in all the ways you can think of ( expect the ruthless, psicopathic route: I can’t bring myself to do it lol), I, inevitably, stumbled on the romance part of the game, which made me honestly quite excited ( i’m a sucker for romance lol). But, in playing the teen MC, I soon hoped that some aspects of the romance would be limited, in regards to the quite large age difference between the player and most of the characters they decide to romance.
While I am fully aware that it’s just a game and not to take it too seriously, I, nonetheless, wanted to know what made the writer of the story allow that option to exist: Maybe they wanted to give full liberty of choice to the player ( i mean it is a game of choices after all), even those that are frowned upon by society; Or maybe it’s a argument on how quickly morals and ideals vanish in consequence of the crumbling of society’s enforced beliefs.
Honestly, I have no idea. What do you guys think?
( Last note: I used “they” to refer the writer, with fear that I would misgender the person lol).


I should note that the number of characters a teen can romance is actually only a small portion of the available ROs. The teenage MC is about 17 currently, and the available ROs are: Madison and Brody (plus new characters August and Allison), who are all about the same age; Tommy and Bailey, who are both about 20; Jaime, who in the teen playthrough is also aged about 20; Rachel, who’s not actually really an available romance for teenagers and just pretending to gain a teen MC’s trust (which is obviously not great, but is treated as such in story); and Jillian, whose age is never given (I think), but who could be as young as 20, too (and she’s probably not over 25).

Now, any of the non-teens could be seen as too old for a 17-year-old to date (especially Jillian), but the choice is definitely limited, and all the known age gaps are at most three years.


Wow. Honestly it’s rather difficult to express amazement through a message without sounding overly sarcastic or just plain rude (something I probably do with that first word lol), but I was not expecting someone to actually respond to my dull ramblings, and for that I’m pleasantly suprised though slightly apologetic lol.
Anyways, I’ve always had in mind that the teen MC could be involved with practically anyone, so thank you for correcting me in that regard. And for whatever reason ( and in large portion due to my imagination and short attention spam lol) all of the survivors were 25 plus, expect for the obvious ones, like Madison or Brody. So, thanks for the corrections. This has been mulling over my head for a good couple of days lol


is it possible to fight the new army at haven lancelot?

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Thanks for joining our discussion and for your kind words.

@ParrotWatcher already addressed this, but I will reiterate that teen romance options are all within a few years of the teen. If anyone is able to romance someone much older, it’s an error.


Incase anyone was wondering the proper tasks to assign to your group mates. Refer to post 241

So does that mean brody is no longer dating bailey?

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To be fair the age gap isn’t that big between them so it could work

Perhaps. But I’m not stressing over anything

On the way to the pharmacy with Jaime & (optionally) Jillian, you get the opportunity to tease Jaime about how you had a threeway with Jillie & Gina (in-game, that was about 2 or 3 days ago).

How does this translate into part three of zombie exodus?

Does Jaime actually join you, Jillie and Gina in part 3?

If so, Is there any way to make it happen?

What if the MC is a hetero man and interested into women only?

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Any confirmation on growing cannibas and using it to trade in Part 4?

No word on that.