Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: Part Three Discussion Thread

I really like what Brody said in this part. I’m not sure he is just really dumb or just acting dumb. But it’s really funny.



I don’t know if anyone else found this, but I found a bug where Even if I kill Jude at the grocery store, he still appears at the museum, and if the museum survivors win against the biker crew and you weren’t able to get the secret out of Mel, Jude still appears and can join your group. is anyone else encountering this or is it just me? It may have been fixed since the last time I did it


I save scum a lot but because of some Choice of Games programming, it’s been annoying to read the code. Does anybody know if you can fight back the attack of I’m pretty sure it was Lancelot Base? The Secret Base where you meet some government guys on a screen? I turned the defense systems on them because they annoyed me.

Also is there a path for the cure now using the Science Lab? I was pursuing the cure in the last 2 chapters but even with the science lab, I didn’t see any special options for pursuing it. It might just be because I save edited the lab though. Or is it just that the cure route is the documents you find in the secret base?

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Yeah that guy really doesn’t want to stay dead. I’m pretty sure the writer knows about this

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Only through the Base Defenses. Otherwise you sneak away.

As of now, no workings on the science lab/cure, which is disappointing to say the least.


Will Jim ever add some new dogs in the future update or the coding is already at its limit? Because for me personally a Rottweiler will be a good pet, they are energetic and consumes a lot of food but they are calm, protective, strong, and affectionate.

I cannot speak for Jim, but I feel like adding new pets would be low-priority at this time.
There are already 4 large dogs, 1 small dog, and a cat available during character creation, and the four large dogs were supposed to have different roles (German Shepherd and Irish Wolfhound for guarding (and possibly herding for the GS if we get quadrupedal livestock in Part 4), Lab for hunting, Husky for labor such as cart/sled pulling), but these have not been implemented. Coding in the roles of the pets takes second priority to writing the story and designing the paths MC can take; an altruistic MC will handle a plot-mandated situation differently from an omnicidal PC, and most PCs are in between both ends of that spectrum. Therefore a fifth large dog (especially one that overlaps with the roles of the other 4) would probably not be a priority.


Its apocalypse and setting is in usa , we need an alligator.


Wrong part of the country for those.


I’m finding that it’s very difficult to test the variables that are saved between parts. I can’t seem to find any problems with the code, but I keep working on it.

I don’t think I will be adding anything like this for a while, but it’s possible you may find other pets along the way.


Like a cougar? Oh wait… we already have one of sorts… Gina <3


So, I think I may have found a minor typo, its actually in part 1. A misplaced comma, which is super low priority, but ya know, figure you might want to know.

“…and the virus dies at an accelerated rate. From now, on if you want to take samples, you’ll have to be quick.”

its in the Part1Events file, for the specimen collection event.



There was once a time where Gina was a scripted death but you later changed this. One of the reasons I recall was because she was an RO. I want to ask if she has a particular arc of some kind. She’s a cool lady but I feel our relationship is strained, even though it’s good. Even Jamie stated it’s like she’s not really attached to me.

I romanced her during my last playthrough and I wondered if she could ever fall in love with the MC. It seems like she’s happy to keep us at an arm’s length even when there’s potential for something deeper. Imagine if we have a nephew and we all get along. That could be our little family. She could never have kids before but now she has one and a partner (of sorts).

Will she never allow herself to find love again? Will she never accept a tender kiss? Sure, she can’t replace her husband with anyone but would he have wanted her to go on the way she has?


There were talks about time skip for part 4. If Jim is gonna do it, then perhaps there’s gonna be a chance for improvement. Like Gina becoming “full-package” RO


My hope still lies in the whole Jillian-Gina threesome and having Jillian still get knockered up and we could invite Gina to be a co-parent of sorts with us. Because to me Jillian would totally be okay with that, and it would also be nice to have someone else support her in something that I’m sure that she is somewhat nervous and unsure of.

While at the same time having two lovely ladies who are totally into sharing and probably pro-harem/let the mc hook up with anyone interested so long as they get their own ‘me time’.


To be honest I let her die since it wasn’t as good as I thought. Also I don’t like how she gave herself a title for the nephew to address her since she isn’t family. Maybe a bit later it would more appropriate if mc ro.

One: She gave herself the title because she felt uncomfortable with Nephew calling her Miss if memory serves. For me, it’s not that big of an issue. It’s like having someone call you by something that makes you comfortable with rather than something that doesn’t. Also, we can shut it down and tell him otherwise.
Two: You monster!!! How dare you let the pixie haired cougar who works her ass off for the group and has building exp die?!?!?! -Rages!!!-



Honestly I hope the same thing. However, when I looked at the code, I found out something:

To get Jillian pregnant, the code says:
*if male and (not(birth_control) and (sex_with_ch8_1 = “Jillian”))
*set jillian_pregnant true


If you sleep with both of them in chapter 8, it says sex_with_ch8_1 = “Gina and Jillian”)

So in theory, if you romance both of them, but only sleep with Jillian in chapter 8, you might be able to pull it off.

Otherwise, we can only hope that Jim considers the idea.


True. Though, if you are a Teen MC, you can’t say you are interested in Gina at any point though and can only get the threesome scene if you flirt with Gina enough early yet won’t get the tent scene (nephew or not). Hence why hope it’s kinda reconsidered/reworked that it could happen as long as you don’t bring the birth control.

Still, for an Adult MC, sure you could play the interest card on both, sleep with Jillian that night, then later make it up to Gina and say your totally interested when she comes to you before you leave for the Thornes.


Yeah well it’s not that bad since I have woody to be the builder instead. But I prefer the ro’s instead since theirs is better unless she gets updated later

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