Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: Part Three Discussion Thread


Could you make official art work for the characters in our groups so we can have a visual for how they look like?

Descriptions + Imagination is great but I (personally) would appreciate some artwork. If it’s not too much.


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Unfortunately, this is pretty unfeasible. :sweat_smile: Character art isn’t cheap, and we’re not even dealing with four or five characters here; I count 33 total, including scripted deaths (Jaime, Brody, Madison, Reilly, Tommy, Kelly, Jillian, Rachel, Woody, Lopez, Gina, Rosie, Bailey, the Nephew, Nora, Parker, Billie, Sean, Fred, Church, Dante, Sifer, Driver, Nathan, Benjimin, Eli, Kevin, Jude, August, Allison, Anders, Monica, Missy), and that’s a lot of art. :sweat_smile:


Yea but I wasn’t asking for just anyone and everyone. I was just asking for our group mates. and if not the entire group then just the RO’s would be perfectly fine.

Lmao. I noticed that too

Those are the group mates… :sweat_smile: And if you’re only counting ROs, that’s still thirteen in total.


Tbh I like that there’s no character art because it allows me to imagine how each person looks, and how I picture them is different than any number of posters here.

Like, how in part 3 there’s a picture of Keith and he looks nothing like how I imagined him and it kinda threw me off.

The art from the start of part 2 of the core group members kinda gives you an idea of what they might look like though.


Has anyone managed to save Nora when the zombies break into the camp?

I was under the impression that she was a scripted death, but it seems not?

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She’s scripted.


I see, thanks. I was confused because at the end of the game, Nora’s name wasn’t included in the list of inevitable deaths.

That’s a bug I thought was fixed (in the omnibus, it is).

Hey Jim. I found a bug in the stat screen my group relationship shows Thelma with the Red Mamba Biker Group before I met her.


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Error in chapter 10.

Brody bites his lower lip nervously but goes along with her.}

Remove the bracket.

Typo in chapter 11.

Really? I just needed to clear my head and think about things. Seeing that group really shook me up. They are barely surviving. Will that the us?

Be us

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I love this game. He held a special place in my heart :heart:. It’s amazing how good and captivating his writing is. Thank you so much for giving us this amazing reading experience. ZESH, it was a good experience for me. Again thank you very much. :heart_eyes::sparkling_heart: And part three. I loved her, very good. Like all other previous parts. As well as the ones to come will be wonderful too.:clap:t2:


who’s characters are scripted death?
I feel so bad bc I couldn’t safe Nora in my last playthrough…

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You can’t keep her alive.



I noticed that the option to talk to bailey about how she ran into rachel and subsequently ask about the break-in at Mrs.Ortega’s is still missing. This is at sapphire lake btw

On average, a character portrait costs $300, and that’s just a middle-of-the-road, ballpark figure. Part 4 will have 16 ROs!

The other big issue is that I don’t really want to tell people how these characters look. Some details had been mentioned, like Madison’s blond hair or Woody’s beard, but a lot of the details are open. I would rather readers imagine players how they wish.

Thanks, I will fix it.

Thank you for your kind words.

I will look into it. Thanks.


I really like what Brody said in this part. I’m not sure he is just really dumb or just acting dumb. But it’s really funny.



I don’t know if anyone else found this, but I found a bug where Even if I kill Jude at the grocery store, he still appears at the museum, and if the museum survivors win against the biker crew and you weren’t able to get the secret out of Mel, Jude still appears and can join your group. is anyone else encountering this or is it just me? It may have been fixed since the last time I did it