Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: Part Three Discussion Thread

Typo in chapter 8.

Time lapses on, and you you say an unfortunate goodbye to rush off and start your task for the day.

Remove the bolded word.

As you walk to get breakfast, you see Axel being chased by Billy’s dog, Mishy.



To be honest I want to know if Rachel’s illness is fatal and if we can save her? If we can there should be choice to do it. Personally my mc doesn’t like her and only merged the groups for mutual protection. She just too shady and u can can’t u tell if she’ lying about something. Besides the illness could spread to others if we are not careful

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Amazing game, great job!

Is Rose a possible RO?


Just a suggestion, I think a map of the area we’re in and where the various factions are based at (If we’ve found them already) would be pretty useful, alongside locations of interest as well such as the various Safe Havens, landmarks, and etc.


If you mean Rosie, she’s a lesbian, but yes.

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oh ok, thank you very much

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Just curious does anyone know if any of the new characters introduced in part 2 or part 3 are planned to be future ROs?

Romance isn’t my main focus but my inner completionist likes to have an MC at the ready to take a crack at each at least once.

On a somewhat related note i hope we get a chance to run into the trainyard group again, especially since they have small children and a soon to be infant.

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Rosie is a new ro as of part three for female and nb mcs
Anders, Monica, August, and Allison are also slated to be ros as of part four (lotta a names good lord)


Thank you for reporting that. I will fix it in the next patch (after the one I just sent in).

I just sent in a new version for upload, so look for that sometime in the next few days. Here are the patch notes:

  • Bug fixes.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) now shows up in the challenges section of the stat menu.
  • Additional balance changes to morale and allegiance changes between chapters.
  • Kevin now shows up on the survivor summary task list.
  • In chapter 12, you can now speak with Tommy at the tavern if he is not in your group and is still alive.

So… whats the easiest and quickest way to get PSTD as teenager?

is kevin a ro?

Lotta names is right. I’m honesy drawing a blank on which person August was though that may be partially due to my tendency to speed read :sweat_smile:.

Anyhow thanks for the info :+1:.

If I recall, the best way to get PTSD is if the nephew dies at the fight on the hill. :thinking: I think you can also get it if your mental health falls too low.

Sadly, not in the current game, but I know Jim’s adding more ROs in Part 4, so maybe he’ll be available then.

August and Allison are the two teenagers who show up just before you leave for the Silverthornes’ camp, so they haven’t really had much screen time yet. :sweat_smile:


i guess imma wait until the series is finish to play all of it again because i wait for this for so long i dont even remember the story anymore lol

Errors in chapter 7, when scavenging the convenience store.

Why are you doing this?" Jaime shouts, spittle flying from his mouth. "I just can’t understand why you need to kill them. Don’t be like Dillan.}

Remove the bracket.

When picking the lock on the gun case.

You take out your multitool and work on picking the lock. The tool barely fits the narrow hole, but you find a sweet spot and pop it open.
Without a key, you see no way to pry open or pick the lock.

The bolded text shouldn’t be present as I have successfully picked the lock.

You reveal the comics you found to him. He takes them and flips through the covers, his smile growing each each flash of color.


In chapter 10.

Brody bites his lower lip nervously but goes along with her.}

Remove the bracket.


I’m not evil enough to do that in the chapter even if they were annoying. Besides Jaime can’t talk since he has done bad as well like inviting woody to my house without permission and turning away the kid in the new chapter


Thank you for telling me this! It gives me hope for the future possibilities. I have faith in you, Jim. :face_holding_back_tears:


When creating a custom **Movie Star profession character ** (The Arts; Yes, I am a Movie Star.) it ends up starting with only $50 on hand instead of the default Movie Star’s $1,000. Is this a bug, or intentional? It kind of feels like a punishment for wanting to customize a character profession. lol

Also, in part 2 when creating a brand new custom character for that part, Gina shows up in the romance options at the hill even if we chose male only in preferences. Pretty sure she’s not supposed to be there. This has only ever happened when starting a new character for part 2.

I would love to see him as an option too because I’m interested to see how he would handle being in a relationship after all he’s done and been through. I agree he definitely needs a hug, and maybe more. lol

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dunno if it’s just me but how come sharif recognizes dante from his shows but not a movie star mc?


If Dante isn’t with you and your a movie star he’ll say something like “I’ll talk to you because I recognize you from your films.”


Sharif might know your name, but not your face (probably because he might not have watched your content). Like, I know that Nicole Kidman is a famous actor, but I’d have trouble picking her out of a lineup. I have also never seen any of Nicole Kidman’s movies. Or he does know your face–he just knows Dante’s better.

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