Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 3 - releasing 3/3/2022

So in part 3, I decided to play the coward and decided not to enter the research centre. Once I got back, this is what happened.
“I tried to speak to Reilly and Madison, but both told me to speak to you,” Rachel says, sitting on the corner of the desk.

“Were there any problems there?” Jaime asks.

“We had some trouble. We were attacked by a scientist in a greenhouse and another scientist imprisoned us for several hours, but we were able to escape.”
“We killed a few zombies but nothing out of the ordinary during this outbreak.” I don’t want them to know about Murphy.
“Nothing we couldn’t handle.” No need to worry them over something that’s not relevant to our ongoing survival.

So it looks like my character knows about Murphy even though the group never entered the research centre.


Jaime come to talk to my MC but then it suddenly becomes Bailey


Madison steps forwards as you finish your set. Madison appears to be biting her lip, and then she gives a grudging nod. “That was better than I expected. Don’t think this makes me some kind of groupie, though.”

You shake your head at her. “I would never think of you that way.”

“Good. I wouldn’t mind being your manager or your agent. You are so talented, and I am sure lots of people would pay money to hear you. If this outbreak ends, we are going to talk about getting you on YouTube and maybe even American Idol. My family has connections.”

“That sounds great,” you say.

She gives you a quick kiss on the cheek and runs back to her place with others in the small crowd to listen to the rest of your set.

You check the time—10:30 pm.

As you cross the Junkyard, you overhear Brody and Madison, who are entering through the main gates.

Is this mid level or high level, I kissed Madison and she miraculously wasn’t there.



I noticed that even with the update you’ve given us (much appreciated btw).

You still haven’t given us that steamy romance scenes with Gina. Nor the one with Kelly.

If you don’t plan to add that in to the beta. Could you please add that in to the full update on part 3?


Should mention that requests for content are not allowed. However, with your particular issue, I think most would agree the romantic content has been one of the game’s strongest points so far, and that there’s no reason to expect it would be dwindled down as it goes on. More scenes are definitely in the plans, it’s simply a matter of patience.

I will have my own feedback soon. I’m actually currently redoing my Part 2 playthrough.


Just from this comment alone I think we’d get along in the apocalypse bud :wink:


Ah ok. Thank you for the heads up

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I have just a quick question. Is there a way to actually save Gina or is her death destined? No need for complete details, just a yes or no will do.

Unfortunately not as Gina’s death is scripted.


I don’t ever recall Gina dying in my game, is it in the new update or something?

So I haven’t had time to look at this for a while, so this is going to be a longer Post. I played from 8-11. So I might note down things that were mentioned before.


So first things first I love the prom Dance scene. I love that we get to see what changed at places we visited before.

When the mambas arrive at the junkyard, Kevin forgot that we had a nice talk before and became allies.

Are there new RO options in later parts since I was able to flirt with the river Dog and one of the Ute? If yes, since both were male was that a coincidence or because I was attracted to Males?
The story is great as always so I head right towards what I found and what I missed.

I had Chosen the option to Go Out alone, so at least Dantes reaction should be worded different, since he and Reilly are inside.

My neighbour was Sean, which was correct in the part before, but here seems to be a code snippet messed up

Here Sean, who was my neighbour and before recognized me inteoduced himself

Here I decided to not enter the faculty, so No Meeting with Murphy, just Alan

Jude I already know him, but later do not remember

On the Screen before I killed Cruz with a Shot

Also here in the Screen before Paul already said that Darlene died.

I guess Rachel

Some more things about the fight between the Mambas and the Museum people. The fight was really hard to understand since I knew only the name of Drake and Thelma from the mambas all the other names were really confusing. And since some variations popped Up Double that was not getting easier.

Now what I missed, only once with the Museum people I had the chance to be friendly but in guard, that was an option I really missed in the other scenes. When I wanted to meet the river dogs everyone thought I wanted to invite them, when I just wanted to meet them, so I could see If they might be allies . I would have loved an option to be friendly but cautious in several occasions. More like " I do not want to spy in them, because they might get allies that I do not want to offend right away".

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I certainly don’t disagree. I can’t sing nor play an instrument so I completely respect people who can do both! But it definitely would complicate the game anyways I’m not ready to handle.

Yes, I definitely need to fix that. I’m contemplating making a change so that you can’t avoid the research center. Otherwise it is a extremely short chapter.

Thank you for pointing that out.

Thanks, I will fix it.

That’s a tricky bug, but I will fix it. Thank you for reporting it.

I’m still working on the main storyline, and then I will go back and add all of the romance scenes, conversations with other NPC’s, and lots of other smaller additions.

Originally, no, she could not be saved. However, I am going to rewrite it so you can save her.

Thank you for your feedback!

Only Rosie will be the new RO in Part 3, although there will be more romance overall. And allowing you to fit with other survivors because that’s just what some people like to do. Of course, there’s always a chance I will add new romantic interludes with other survivors not in the group.


Hi, there, well I think I found the reason why in Chapter 11 I can’t use any light source when I get to the bunker, you see, every time I rebooted and rebooted, I always chose the option to go to the cottage, and after talking with Fern and talk to her and arriving at the bunker for the entrance she says, it came out that like I said before: not being able to use any light source

BUT, now I tried to make a new run without going to the cottage, and after enter the bunker choosing one of the many options to enter, THEN NOW let me use the flashlight and the rest of the things for light, so maybe this is the error in the Chapter.

So Jim can see what the error is in the code when in this, for him to see this.


yeah as if we dont have enough problems with the silverthornes haha. anyways i luv ur icon!

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Yahallo, i know Gina’s death is scripted, but Church and Driver died in mine. Is this also scripted?

Thanks for the response @bagledere

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I’m super confused, when does Gina die? I honestly can’t remember her death.

She dies after you meet Sean, Fred, and Billie.

(Yes it’s during that scene)

Oh, is that when the old guy lets the zombies into the scrapyard?

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I believe Church and Driver’s deaths are also scripted

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I was just wondering something, in the part 3 beta, Nora can be chosen as an optional survivor. Does this mean she can die in part 2?
I can’t find any way for her to die in part 2, I vaguely remember being able to attack her in the battle on the hill, but I can’t find any way to do this.
So is there any way for Nora to die? This has been bugging me for a while

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