Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 3 - releasing 3/3/2022

Same error for me with trying to enter the decontamination chamber.


Yeah I’m having the same error

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This is now fixed, and I will work on the continuity error. Thank you!


I was just wondering, (just a suggestion) if you go into the glass room and die, could you write a scene where the search party that comes after you, since you’ve failed to turn up to the rendezvous, finds you as a zombie? If the RO is in the search party, it would be great to see their reaction and whether they could kill your zombie form or not. I would definitely want to see how Madison or Bailey react.


I have a problem with Chapter 11, and it is when I go to the cabin on the way to Lancelot and I run into the “woman with a machete in hand”, no matter what I choose I get this error IMG_20210905_170124|690x335

I do not know why it happens, although I do not know if it is why I am using a saved game from chapter 7, or because of any of my character’s stats

Edit: I’ve tried skipping straight to chapter 11 and going from there but the result is the same so I don’t know what the problem is…


To elaborate on this point, the relevant line is {trapped_by_fern "Now that I'm down,Since I'm here}, which is just missing a | between “down,” and “Since”.

A very low-level possible continuity error in the Fern conversation is that at count = 5 on line 1096, she “maneuvers a finger through one of the bandages on her arm” even if you treat her wound (line 1125), where you might use gauze or leave it unwrapped, depending on your available resources.

Excited to see the rest of the chapter, just posting some stuff as I go.


Only managed to get through to the end of the conversation with Fern, so here are my notes on that:

*if deep_sleeper
  *set fatigue %+(round((100-sta)/5))

Shouldn’t it decrease fatigue if you sleep more?

If you are going out, check with me for a list of places to scavenge or camps to scouts.

Should be “camps to scout.”

If you have any questions, check with me.

${firstname} is here now, so you can follow up with ${him} if you have any questions,"

Military leadership and Rachel as a second-in-command; she probably shouldn’t be contradicting herself within three sentences… (I get that she could have seen you in that time, but even then, she should acknowledge that she’s retracting her previous statement.)

“I don’t know, Rachel. It may sound good to you, since you’re trained for this, but no one else in our group has your kind of expertise,” Kelly says.

Kelly might not be with the group.

Only a few days ago a simple mistake led to our friends getting killed.

Only Eli had to die; the others might not have been in the group for the battle. Presumably there should be some check on the value of junkyard_battle_killed.

*if parker_join
  Parker @{kelly_join and Kelly walk|walks}
*if not(parker_join) and kelly_join
  Kelly walks
towards the front of the Junkyard.

Won’t make sense if you’ve got neither Parker nor Kelly.

It feels somewhat weird that defending Rachel/Jaime when Sean’s badmouthing them will reduce your truth and ideal stats. You could believe what you’re saying, and it doesn’t seem unidealistic to believe in a leader, especially Jaime.

Fifty minutes later, you stand in the equipment room in the main house with Rachel, and Sean.

Presumably there should be some extra text here if none of Lopez, Dante, Tommy, and Bailey are available. (And preferably get rid of that comma… :sweat_smile:)

“I’m not confident in this plan. Sending out individuals to recon each location makes sense in traditional combat arenas, but this is different. These are mostly untrained and unproven civilians who are risking their lives without the benefit of backup. It’s times like this I wish I knew the right way to handle the situation.”

I realise that Rachel is just second-guessing herself here, but it reads like she’s criticising someone else’s plan. Maybe it could be reworded to make it clear that she knows she’s talking about her own plan?

It sucks that I’m going alone, but I’m just going to scout the place and head back quickly. Trust me, I’m not going to put myself at any huge risk to break into this place. I wish more people could go with me, but if everyone leaves the Junkyard we’re open to attack. And if we don’t scout all of these locations soon, other survival groups will find them. This is in the best plan, but it’s the only one that will work."

Should start with a quotation mark. Also, while I assume it should be “This isn’t the best plan”, by definition if only one plan will work, that is the best plan, so maybe it should be reworded.

Why not send this out together to one depot?"

Why not send us out…

Most of the pack is already crossed the road

Should be “is already across” or “has already crossed”

The shambling dead still on the road turned in unison towards the sounds of the engine

Should be in present tense (“turn”).

One slams into your back wheel, it’s body caught as it turns.

Should be “its body caught”. Also, should this count for the zombie kills total? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Take a short walk ahead of your vehicle and look down the road.

This will either read as “You Take…” (if you don’t see the house) or just as “Take…” (if you do). Either way, it should be “You take…”

This lasts a few more minutes before you @{(vehicle = “motorcycle”) climb back onto your motorcycle.|Get back inside your ${vehicle}.}

“Get” shouldn’t be capitalised.

Switching to AM, you scan through more static and pick up feint Country Western music.

Should be “faint”.

He wrote a book called The Three Musketeers you all my like.

Should be “may like”.

A small swarm of infected are blocking me. I figured I’d check in with you while I wait for them."

This sounds like you’re waiting for them to attack you, not move past, and Jaime shouldn’t think that’s good.

I’m guide you reached out.

Should be “glad”.

It won’t be long before the zombies are gone..

Should either have only one full stop/period or should have three.

You’re not driving fast enough for it to cause a problem, but it slows you down long enough for you to spot a cabin set back from the woods fifty paces or so.

Should be a check for if you already saw it. And it feels weird to increase ideal for looting a house that someone may still be living in… Also, I’d like to have the option to visit the cottage just to talk with any survivors, especially since we may have already seen one.

The woman let’s go of you and straightens out your shirt.

Should be “lets”

@{trapped_by_fern "Now that I’m down,Since I’m here}

Should be @{trapped_by_fern "Now that I’m down,|"Since I’m here,} or something similar.

If I can be proud of the stranger that is,

I assume this should be “proud of a stranger…”

I use to respect the military but recently they’ve become bandits.

Should be “I used to…”

You see no reason to tell her this is in your uniform, so you just nod to her.

Should be “this isn’t your uniform…”

If you’re an actor or wrestler, Fern reacts positively, but you lose faction points with her. Also, the check for whether you gave her a false name is inverted.

I was Supposed to be at that event, but I was actually on a date.

“Supposed” shouldn’t be capitalised.

Dexter lifts his head and looks over his shoulder. He stands and walks into the woods.

Dexter only appears if you attack Fern, so when you talk to her, he’s just randomly mentioned without any introduction.

#“What are you doing out here.”

Should end with question mark.

I made it to one of those FEMA camps and stayed with a group of survivors for a few days.

If these are the Silverthorns, the text should acknowledge if you claimed to be a member or already asked her about them.

Out Three Strikes is one of my favorite films of all time. My father was a huge baseball fan and used to coach. We would watch that movie all the time together.

I’ve been on my own since I was sixteen.

I’m not entirely sure of the relative ages of Fern and the actor MC, but it seems weird that she would watch what I can only assume is one of their movies with her father and still have been living alone by sixteen… And did she go skiing with her stepfather before or after this?

“I’m pretty sure Eli has dementia or even Alzheimer’s disease. Kevin is very defensive because he’s protective of his father.”

Would a truthful MC mention that Eli died?

She pauses and then Nods slowly.

“Nods” shouldn’t be capitalised. Also, should asking Fern about the depot be a choice?

Regarding Brody, I definitely think that if student MCs can romance Madison, they should be able to romance Brody as well, even if Bailey’s present.


Hi, I just found another problem with chapter 11, and it is that the light sources appears blocked for some reason, I don’t know if it is because of something about my character or a code error, but I wanted to see if someone else had this problem or is it just me

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@JimD I just replayed parts 1 and 2, and I find it weird that I have to play an instrument and sing separately. Could we possibly have a unique option to relieve stress that would give the benefits of two sessions in the time of one if you picked either playing the keyboard and singing, or playing the guitar and singing?


I found this for my restart!

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Pretty good, but i do have a complaint near the end of the story

When the new army send soldiers to attack, why can’t we have the option to fight back instead of running away by default? It is quite odd considering you could set up a very tough defense system and support from the Vanguard and the MC themselves could have high combat skill, while they only sent a dozen soldiers so maybe an alternative route where you fight them, win, lose relationship with the New army faction and opportunity to loot some more?


I would like to point out a small observation regarding skill points. For this explanation, assume that I’m using a custom profession and are starting with 125 skill points, using the full system, bonuses and all that. Now, when I select to start part 2, I see that the extra upgrade days have been taken into account and will start with 6 extra skill points when intelligence is below 55, or eight extra skill points when intelligence is at 55 or higher. In other words, when selecting to start part 2, I will begin with 131 skill points when intelligence is below 55, or 133 skill points when intelligence is 55 or higher. Now, when I choose to play part 3, none of this is taken into account. According to this logic, we are suppose to start part 3 with 9 bonus skill points if intelligence is lower than 55, or 12 bonus skill points if intelligence is 55 or higher.


@Denzil_Melgior_Nagel I’m assuming this stuff will be taken into account once it releases. The author told me that there are a lot of variables from past parts that aren’t taken into account in the beta. Assuming this part will be a direct continuation of the same program (as part 2 was), this likely won’t even need to be addressed, seeing as the stats from the previous parts carry over seamlessly because it’s literally just an update to the existing game.

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In chapter 11, public beta, It won’t let me choose any of the options because of coding or something, I don’t know if anyone else is having that problem. It’s when your doing the lone scouts. I chose to scavenge the cottage and I’m talking to the woman. I was asking her what a Liver is. I tried the other options and they aren’t working either.

I wish another character could sing. I’d love someone who sounds like Billy Rafoul or Upsahl.

I have noticed a couple spots where my “a step below the Winter Soldier” character isn’t allowed to simply kill whatever threat is in front of him. Once with the Red Mamba fight in the museum and once here.

In fairness I’m sure it’s hard to make a plot work when someone has used all the extra skill points to make a super soldier that basically trivializes a good chuck of post apocalypse dangers. Hard to make the silverthorn feel like a threat when it feels like my MC could just sneak in and kill them all.

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Notes up to the end of the security room.

@{(v_size = 3) Tree limbs brush the top of your ${vehicle}, scraping the roof.|Tree limbs hang across, causing you to slow your ${vehicle} out of fear of hitting them. Luckily your vehicle fits under them}.

This will result in a double full stop for size 3 vehicles.

The occasional tire track shows on the road, but no other signs of traveler can be seen throughout the area.

Should be “signs of travelers”.

After driving for fifteen minutes, the road ends to a narrow turnabout sending traffic back the way it came.

I think this should be “the road ends with…”

you find a path heading away from the mountains that zigzags.

I think this would read better as “a path that zigzags away from the mountains.”

You check through your gear but cannot find any alcohol or beer.

Does beer not count as alcohol?

take out your ${hammer} and flip it around to use the claw for leverage.

Should be either ${temp_item} or just “hammer”.

Also, the modifiers seem a little low here; there’s not really much difference between any of the tools aside from the crowbar, and are only really effective for people with athletics scores between 50 and 60.

The doorway resists the constant pressure, and the metal in your hands bends as you use all of your strength.

This makes some sense for most of the items, but I think your arms will bend before the crowbar does…

You use all of your strength and tug at the edge, fingers bending..

Another sentence that ends with a double full stop/period.

Now that you can digging farther

Should be “dig in”.

Just as your arms shake from the constant exertion, your @{(modifier >= 0) ${temp_item} slips|hands slip.}

Should have a full stop/period after “slips” too.

Stepping back, you abandoned this effort and consider another option for getting inside the depot.

Should be “abandon”.

If the camera’s working, there must be power feeding it. I’ll break out my laptop and see if I can connect to any networks in the area. Maybe I can use this to find a way to open the door. (Requires Electronics 65+)

Should this check if you have a powered laptop with you? And likewise for the later tests.

*selectable_if (gunpowder > 1) #Pack the edge of the door with gunpowder and light it on fire. It’s basic chemistry, and maybe I can use it to blast open the door. (Requires 2 gunpowders)
*set gunpowder -1

Shouldn’t it remove two gunpowders?

You make a trail of gunpowder a few feet from the door and liked it up.

You like the gunpowder and run for cover.

Both should be “light”.

As you enter the depot, you expect the door to slide closed behind you.

Why would you expect a door you exploded to close behind you?

On the center of the depot wall next to the doorway sits a keypad. The tiny number pad is coated in a thin layer of dust. If you can find the combination, you assume it will open the door when you need to leave.

This line appears even if you chose to block the door open. Also, it seems weird that there’s not a handle to leave; it seems like a fire risk.

Every “switch item” option in the first choice in the UseLight subroutine should change the value of curr_light_source (as the second choice block in the subroutine does), but none of them do.

“$firstname},” You hear a voice call from the front of the depot.

Needs an opening {; also, “You” shouldn’t be capitalised.

This one reads, sublevel & STORAGE.

Should be “SUBLEVEL”.

Compared to the others searching through similar depots, you’re Moving a bit too slowly.

“Moving” shouldn’t be capitalised; also this phrasing makes it sound like Jaime/Woody knew how far you’d got before the call. Maybe it should be “Compared to the others searching through similar depots, it sounds like you’re…”

I’ve been keeping them in the dark, not but the last time Billie was inside here

I don’t think you should have “not” there.

"He was my neighbor for a few years.

Only in the suburbs; other players never met him before.

There’s no such thing as being just were good.

I assume this should be “just or good.”

I can function at a high rate of efficiency for 1,798 minutes before recharging.

This is ~30 hours, not 24.

These generators are refilled by robotic workers on an as-needed basis.

Didn’t Sam say that Beavis was the only other robot there?

“Those two blips are members of the security team,” Sam says, reaching out with a telescoping finger. “Reyes and Myers.” He turns his wrist and lifts his finger to the large blip on Sublevel Alpha. “That marker represents Matteo. He is one of the software developers working on my last CPUs version. He has a snarky sense of humor and enjoys pranks that often go too far. Two weeks ago he stored a block of blue cheese in the air duct above Dr. Frost’s workstation in the Jefferson Laboratory. The stinky smell reviled the doctor. When it was discovered, it was quite amusing to all there except for Dr. Frost. Katrina laughed so hard Gatorade came out of her nose.”

Is there no blip for Katrina?

mounted canon

Should be “cannon” (multiple occurences).

His mechanical fingers move in one continuous accelerated pattern, like the legs of a crab skittering across the beach as it runs from a predator.

While I like this description, it seems weird that Sam wouldn’t just be able to access the computer wirelessly (or even just plug in).

you slip your hand behind the back piece of metal and feel something brush against her fingertips.

Should be “your fingertips.”

Now that you searched the desk, you Reach for the binders chained to the top.

Should be “have searched”, and “Reach” shouldn’t be capitalised.

@{light_on Read|Turn on a light and} through the addendum of the manual

Should be “Turn on a light and read…”

Contact @{woody_join Woody|Jaime} through the walkie-talkie

Shouldn’t the variable here be speaker?

I guess that’s not the worst thing to endure in the Apocalypse.

Should end with a quotation mark.

*if (main_ro != “”) and (second_ro != “”)
#“I’m in a relationship with someone and want to stay true to them.”

This should probably only check the main RO, otherwise people who only have a main RO wouldn’t be able to tell Julianne that they’re in a relationship.

I can see you haven’t set up many served that servers.

I assume that should be “SurvNet”.

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This problem is fixed now.

This is also fixed.

@ParrotWatcher thank you very much for all you’ve done to test this game and make it better!

As part of the Deep Sleeper challenge, you actually feel more fatigued as a result of being such a deep sleeper. At the start of the chapter, all fatigue is reset so this just gives a slight penalty for those with the challenge.

Thanks for pointing all of this out. I definitely need to consider the timeline.

That’s the plan!

I can do get the light sources to work with a premade. I will check it with other means of character creation. Thank you for checking.

It would take its considerable amount of time to do this. I can see and number of hobbies overlapping, like gardening and singing, singing and dancing, etc. It’s definitely realistic to combine them, but I don’t think I have the time. But I appreciate the suggestion!

Thanks for that screenshot. It will be fixed soon.

I considered this as a possible route, but it would be a pretty difficult fight to win. In fact it would take a highly trained person even with the defenses, getting help from the Vanguards, etc. it would also take a lot to write. I’m not saying it’s out of the question, but in terms of balance, and not sure how to make it so players without extra skill points could win.

To build on what @ClaimedMinotaur said, this skill point inconsistency is only true with the testing character builder. I just made a fairly simple character builder. It’s not perfect, and I could make a lot of tweaks, but we are almost at the end of the beta for this part, so I’m reluctant to make major changes.

if this is the issue that others reported, it should be fixed soon.

Balance is always tricky in these kinds of games. Even with the most skill points, I can’t code every possible outcome. I wish I could!


I suppose you could combine singing with basically anything, but nothing is as seemless as singing and playing. Singing and dancing is actually very difficult to do successfully, to the point that most musicians who do so are actually lip syncing. Singing and playing, on the other hand, is something you almost can’t help but do if you are able. Sucks that it would be too difficult to implement because I feel it would add a unique advantage to using both stress relievers on music. Ya, you don’t get to branch out for stat increases in other areas, but you get twice the stress loss in half the time.


Got this error when going to the cabin:

The error came with the option selected in the image, the museum one.

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