Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 3 - releasing 3/3/2022

This is the discussion thread for the public beta for Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 3.

Currently you can help test chapter 8-10. This chapter is sitting at around 350,000 words. Chapters 11-12 are in closed beta, and the total size of Part 3 is around 480,000 words.

Below are a list of guidelines for testing:

  • Keep all comments in this thread.
  • Good feedback is sometimes specific to your primary MC but should often be generalizable to other MCs.
  • Your saved games cannot be loaded outside of the app. CoG does not give developers access to this. I added a save system if you want to try it out. It pops up at the top of the form after the first click on next. For those familiar with CJW’s save system, this is the one I’m using. It may not work between major updates.

I am borrowing from CoG’s beta notes. I’m looking for “high level” and “low level” feedback. Mid-level feedback, like grammar errors and typos, are acceptable but not priority.

Low-level = continuity errors. A continuity error is when a character’s gender flips, or someone comes back from the dead, or you run into a plotline that just doesn’t make sense (because it’s probably a coding error).

“High level” feedback has to do with things like plot, pacing, and characters. “Scene A didn’t work for me because x, y, and z,” is useful feedback. “B character was entirely unsympathetic, because u, w, and v,” is also useful feedback.

“Mid-level” feedback describes things like grammar, style, or the use of commas.

If you have not played Part 1 or 2, please go do that now as this beta picks up directly after the events of chapter 7.

For those of you have played Part 2 and need a recap, please click the arrow below.

Part 2 Recap

Your group has been surviving on a hilltop outside of Nightfall, Colorado where the story began. You have struggled to remain alive while fighting off hordes of zombies and the elements. At the end of chapter 7, your group had a confrontation with the Silverthorne Militia, a band of survivors from a nearby FEMA camp. Directly after that confrontation, a tow truck pulled up to your caravan. This is when you met Eli, who offered to take you to his Junkyard where he can fix your vehicles. Eli does not seem to know about the viral outbreak.

Thank you for testing and I hope you enjoy the start of Part 3!

Public Beta


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Hi Jim. Thanks so much for the public beta. It’s been so long since part 2-2, so I’m super happy to see that my favorite series is back.

Got a mid-level for you here:

And here too:




It’s great to see such an iconic series getting ramped up again. I wish you the best of luck in having a successful beta test!


I have encountered a bug where do not pick your name. Sorry if i dont have a picture im on tablet so it is a bit of pain to do


Is there any way you can add more save slots? I think it would help testers a lot since this is a game that has so many paths.


Hi! So, I’m a huge fan of your games, really enjoyed the first 2 parts. I’d like to bring up a few questions I have.

  1. When you are selecting your quarters, there’s the whole mystery of “is someone living in the garage apartment? It looks lived in!” However, when Kevin comes to talk to the MC, there’s no option to ask him about the garage apartment. Will you add one? My character is super curious…

  2. Also, when Kevin comes to talk to the MC, he says “feel free to assign me a task.” However, when I go to the work board to assign him one afterwards, his name isn’t there… is that a bug? It feels unsatisfying, because I wanna put him to work ASAP. Like, he wants to work with us? Go secure the perimeter, Kevin…

  3. When you talk to the River Dogs, there’s no option to say “I met your friend Joe at the gas station” yet. Will you add one eventually?

  4. Where is the option to craft items? Will every item need the workshop? That seems really unsatisfying. Like, I’ve spent all these points in crafting and I could craft normally at the hilltop. It would make no sense if I suddenly can’t craft these very same things at the junkyard. In my opinion, if the new advanced items need the workshop that’s totally fine. As long as the old simple items can still be crafted normally.


Abs/stomach in place of stomachache


I just found out about the part 3. Im going to cry🤧


Found a typo


For the convenience store run it seems like no matter who I choose Dante and Gina both come along.


If you play as a teenager and you romance rachel, she admits to have lied about having feelings for you and your character just seems forced to accept it and comfortable to sleep with her after that, you could probably add another option here. Maybe more responses.

Also, when you’re building defenses around the junkyard time doesn’t seem to pass, it stay the same. Not sure if this is so we have more time to explore every choice? But just in case it’s not :slight_smile:

I know you also said that you’re working on more dialogue scenes and I think you can expand on the event you get with Your LI if you decide to skip on doing your assignment.

Another error (I think it’s an error) is when you go to stars and check your relationships rachel is missing.


You freaking psycho :joy:. Why’d you even harm them.


I noticed that to. My main complaint is lack of activites to do at junkyard. I was bored and was forced to skip a few times. I wished I could of interacted with my mates more but I understand due to it being a beta.

Other than that good story and no bugs apart the one I pointed out


The saving system is really buggy right now? I’m constantly getting loaded to the stats screen


while checking out the Junkyard apartment

You walk through the garage and climb a concrete staircase to the second-floor loft. Though the door is open, you see it locks from the inside. Much of the furniture is clean and well-kept, and you even see photos of a couple who must have rented the place not long ago. A young black woman wears a doctor’s white coat in one photo, and her boyfriend or husband, a tall, handsome white man appears in another, changing a motorcycle tire in what appears to be the garage below. Their clothes are neatly stored in dresses, although toiletries are gone from the bathroom and the kitchen is clear of food.

I think you meant dressers
Edit: The same “dresses” typo is made on the next page if you chose to claim the apartment.


For the custom character generator, I noticed that you can get a point in untrained skills for free. For example, I chose College Student as a background but it gave me the option to “increase from 0 for 0” in Ranged Weapons.


When I asked my nephew what he thought about Lopez, he said “I really like Lopez. I don’t understand why we call him Lopez. His name is Cristian. I’ve never met anybody in the military besides you” But my MC was a teenager?
Also I like that the kid is growing up, but I think he’s getting a little bit too smart. Though ignorant about topics like sex, he’s quite perceptive about almost everyone. Personally I like when kids have a different angle or see what adults ignore from time to time, but I wouldn’t like him to fall into innocent prodigy trope


I would say throwing a ditch at “Duck Dynasty” when it has nothing to do with the character or the story is quite a poor move by the Author. I know that 99% people here are left, but this is kind of distasteful.

No crafting time? I have only the perimeter alarm system option for crafting. I chose the PTSD challenge but didn’t notice the difference?
I chose scientist but didn’t get to collect specimens after I killed the zombies.
And I didn’t invite Gina and Dante to the convenience store but they get to go with MC anyway.


This is the advantage of a College Student. First skill level is free. Second and Third only cost 1 point each. They also get 2 focuses. This is the most efficient skill class, especially if you do it as a custom background, it just lacks the story perks that military commander hacker and scientist include.

Edit: college student can still achieve hacker and scientist story lines with the right skills. Military background is the only unique story that is only achievable with that background.