Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven General Discussion (Part 3 beta coming in December)

I say two lines as no way Apple will let the player minor go the adult site and go to an adult date without going up in the rating.
Hell, in theory, is even illegal in many countries content like that in apps.

If it were adding a Twitter account for teens or an Instagram account something like that for Teens I could understand. But that wouldn’t including dates so will have been like 50 words of content or 100 no more.


Hey, maybe you misinterpret what I said, I said if the ‘teen’ is 18+ it allows it and if not it declines it.

In the game, PrimeMatch also offers Romantic dates only, just to meet people and interact.

I’m not saying to allow a minor to join the site of course it’s illegal. It only allows adults which are 18+

Oh, sorry I haven’t tried other author’s work, this is my second game playing in CoG/HGs the first was Zombie Exodus which is also written by him. I understand just here bouncing off ideas.

Also if you check Tinder, the real app (we’ve gone so off-track lol) It allows teens 13+ but they also match you with the same age group not with mature adults. Just saying.


Teen is 17 It is said several places you aren’t adult yet.

The reason why the special flavour rejects of account was written as a flavour speciality for the minors.

Why Jim after writing several million words focus on customization has to make an entirely new scene with new character new variables. For kill them off five seconds later. And nobody will see like 90% of teens go to the party anyway.

When Jim has a entire new part with the building construction. farming and a war incoming.


I understand, I’m not demanding it to be put in immediately. I know Jim has tons more important content to put in the game rather than what I suggested earlier. Like I said, bouncing off ideas. Good talk ( ^ω^)

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Teen is 17 years old It is written in the game, in several places one including the teen prologue. You can put the definition of teen. It doesn’t matter if game clearly specifies a concrete age

Because if not we could end up the arguing about everything if we don’t consider canon what is specifically said in the game.

That said we should return topic about giving suggestions for the next incoming part like for instance, I am sure people will like to have some building or similar special for each background


I apologize 'cause I’m so nitpicky at small details XD can’t help myself. I just want the specific age to be required since Teen MC in canon is 17 so gonna be weird having adults as RO(s). Anyhow just want to avoid complications.

We should, on the upcoming war if we got all of the survivors and no one died aside from the ones programmed I noticed that Church also has proficiency in Crafting level 3 I think, it could be huge help in fortifying the camp if we stay and he seems to not reveal it.

Because on the downtimes, only people you could ask to reinforce the camp is Gina and Woody. And we have noone proficient in Medicine since the one in Rachel’s group died, only one left is my MC.


@Sky2316 I think Jim mentioned that we might get another survivor from the medical field in the next part

But now to something complete different. What are your hopes for part 3? Any typical zombie trope you hope we might Encounter? Personally I Love the old Horror stuff more than shock moments. So I hope for some aerie sneaky Things, or a place with a secret, something that is Not, what it seems to be. Most of my MC would be lost in a sneak Scene, but I love them. Or perhaps when we try to Attack a group or meet for diplomacy, it is a Trap, and we have to escape. That would be fun.


I want ruthless people we can be friends if we are raiders as they join us based on our karma. So raiders gain followers and goodies enemies.

As goodies will have lots of friendly opportunities. I just want one raider group we can ally as raiders


I’m excited to know who is the one who murdered Evan in the woods my first guess is Benton but something on the back of my head tells me it might be the one who murdered the people who Bailey found. Only evidence in the scene is the wire and the 9mm casings. I can’t remember what type the casings also found where Trisha’s camp is at. Only problem though is that why did the murderer get on the trouble of burying bodies but they left Evan strapped on the tree covered in Barbwire. Or it could be simply Benton disregarding orders 'cause even though he follows Keith he seems very hotheaded and sort of a pervert when she’s eyeing Madison.

Also Eli! we finally have Nora’s romantic option XD also for sure a Crafting Expert since he has a shop and all

On the Militia, I want to see several options for the encounter. Espionage will be very hard since their group already saw everyone and Keith survived unless Rachel comes in would be better if Rachel teaches Jillian. Sneaking will pose a challenge without detection since they have a lot of numbers I believe they are 80+? Riding in guns blazing will be close to suicide 'cause we are severely out-manned and out-gunned having most people there are elites. Their camp is quite far so best bet is to chase after Keith after the battle and either kill him and liberate their camp or just follow him to know more information

On zombie tropes I’d like to search for the coyote pack and trap the alpha to observe it like the group said it shouldn’t attack in the open like that. And if they just attack Nathan and Benji for meat, I think they wouldn’t be able to find the bodies. And one more thing, If the coyotes are really infected I don’t remember making sure if Nathan and Benji are double tapped/ dead they could rise up for all we know since their bodies are mangled up.

On secret spots I’d like to dive deep on the lake and see what’s underneath, could be pile of bodies or more.

Last but not the least seeing zombie Sifer would break my MC.


I would like to see where the New Army subplot goes, and whether Goodman is good, evil, or simply focused on maximizing the survival of the Army and the general population (my vote is on the third possibility, as even though Faulkner’s supposed death is suspicious, he is still sheltering and helping civilians, providing for those with medical conditions [the mission where Jude lost his spotter was when he was tasked with finding insulin, IIRC]). I’m also interested in Faulkner’s fate (either by finding him, finding Zombie!Faulkner, or his dead body).
I would also like to see a second encounter with Jude-- or maybe even an option to talk to him about the New Army mission in his first appearance.
Outside of the NA subplot, I would like to see more opportunities to ship characters with each other (Jaime/Lopez, especially) and/or explore poly relationships (MC/Lopez/Tommy, etc.).


Like @poison_mara said some more aggressive or pragmatic groups to make an alliance with us pragmatic and raider type players. These ditsy, goodie 2 shoes who need a donation of supplies hardly even make good robbery victims and I’m not interested in joining a bunch of self-destructive child murderers who will just dig their own grave if they continue to kill kids because they’re not “useful”. I hope the Payne Gang will be a fruitful alliance.

If you go back to earlier comments, JimD gave us the opportunity to submit ideas on how we’d like to fight the Silverthornes.( I don’t think he’s taking any more suggestions but if you want to see the ideas people came up with it’s there.) We talked about Guerilla warfare, scorched earth tactics, poisoning food or water supplies and the strategic use of traps. And my personal favorite using hoards of the undead against them.

You do know she has a thing for Dante right ? and there’s almost a love triangle between Parker, Nora & Dante.

Sneaking isn’t the only way to infiltrate the Silverthornes in fact that’s probably the hardest way you could have picked given how near impossible it would be to perpetuate a lie about being a new recruit and avoiding the high ranking people who know you’re the enemy. Not to mention someone would try to make sure your story is legit and talk to said higher ups which would just result in you being exposed a fraud and have everyone start looking for you. The easier and maybe more achievable way could be to just accept their offer join them and sabotage them from the inside.

Not true, Rachel goes back to bury them with Kelly and some other people. Unless you decided to be an amoral piece of shit and say they couldn’t be buried because they were stupid for being killed by Coyotes. Then your theory could be plausible.


I always as Mara say that then can go out but they should hurry. Still, Mara would have preferred getting the equipment as
A) they were Rachel’s slaves, not mine.
B) Why not pick up equipment and then buried them without the goodies?

However, like the group is at first naive due. Jaime, i prefer keeping the morale as group


Oh crap forgot about the love triangle XD. If I remember correctly Parker and Nora likes Dante and Dante likes none at the moment right? Now I’m just picturing Eli striding in seeing Nora and instant love at first sight and boom! Love Square! (灬ºωº灬)

About sneaking in, I think it really is a long shot. It could only be possible if after the shootout, we don’t go back to the top and we make sure Keith is dead and there is no backup with him hiding in the highway. Only thing I think to get more information from them is having someone with high Charisma and Persuasion talk to the person in the CB radio that is recruiting people for the Militia and besides that if we Interrogate Benton.

About Nathan and Benji possibly rising up, If we brought them home it’s 100% not gonna happen it’s just on a couple other saves where I ordered to not get the bodies just to see what would happen.

I sooo would like to have to bury them and also get the equipment, my Hoarder MC can’t stress that enough (/◕ヮ◕)/

  1. There was never an option to kill Keith only his associates he’s protected by plot armor so it’s not possible to kill him at the end of part 2.

  2. I know a high persuasion skill can accomplish a lot but why would our enemy give away free information on how to defeat them ? Even if they didn’t know it was us why would they give free information to someone who is nothing more than a voice they found on a radio ? Also do we have actual confirmation that they use a radio to recruit people ? From my understanding they scout out the locations of groups and give them an ultimatum of join us or die. I haven’t heard anything about recruiting through Radio( honestly that sounds like the most risky way to recruit someone you don’t know who’s on the other side).

  3. Also why do you think Eli is going to fall in love with Nora ?


Yep I know it’s programmed not to happen just saying that if we actually had the advantage if we kill the first 3, why risk letting one live? Hoping it changes or not depending on Jim

If we charge the CB Radio and listen to it, one dialogue there is one from the Silverthorne Militia, saying that they are protecting survivors from zombies and bandits and they should join them. Assuming that not everyone on Keiths group is from the Marines I’m thinking that a High Cha and Persuasion person is the one talking and it’s gonna be a battle of Persuasion + Empathy + Cha and Willpower to try to get each other to trick the other and filter through lies the other person would be saying, Intimidation will probably work too if we have hostages, also I hope there will be an addition to not kill anyone and take Keith’s group of 4 hostage.

About Nora and Eli, that’s just my inner romantic fantasizing XD Picture a relentless Eli bugging the hell out of Nora trying hard to court her and Reilly having more problems having her mom courted in front of him. That would a be good comic relief I think ( ^ω^)

I wouldn’t be surprised if that change didn’t happen, Jim has made more than enough content to satisfy people for part 2. Also killing the 3 Silverthornes is only one way our introduction with them can end, there are multiple ways that situation can end. Not to mention that Keith surviving while the others can be killed means that he has importance for the plot in the next part. It’s not a matter of being illogical it’s simply a continuation of the story and Keith seems integral to the continuation of the plot. Also how will Jim ever complete part 3( and maybe 4 if we get it) if he keeps going back to add some more changes ?


Yeah, I am the first asking kill characters and I am probably here the person with fewer NPCs alive as canon. However, I understand the necessary presence of not killable NPCs in a story. If not how Jim could make a good story with no fixed characters Jim is one single man. With helpers but still one single man with another work and family.
Hell, he already has more variables than many triple-A games no even kidding.
So We could ask for killing them at the end of the game ina super battle as then Jim would be free of a plot to let us kill them

When He let me kill Emma in the first game. So people who want to kill NPCs that are essential know just have patience and ask for they died in the finale.


Sooo, Jim posted it. Estimated arrival of part 3 is October 2020! (/◕ヮ◕)/


Can you specify where he posted it exactly ? please