Zombie Exodus, Part 5 Questions, Bugs, Errors, Gripes, Criticisms

Part 5 is available now on iOS and Google Play. Feel free to ask questions, errors, etc. I am sure I’ll update the app in the new year, so even requests for new content can be entered here.

I have also started working on a companion app for Hosted Games, Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. Feel free to ask questions about that as well (open beta begins later this month).

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Do you like the work you have done so far because I think it is amazing by the way.

Thanks. I am pleased with the length of the project and some of the writing. Of course, I have criticisms of my own work. I’ve learned a lot from writing and coding it.

What was your favorite scene while writing Zombie Exodus

Fantastic! I’ll be grabbing that next week.
Is Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven a separate game to ZE2?

@JimD i got a advice for Ze safe haven Dont obliged people to carry family lol let me choose .

@Storm in Part 3, the fuel rig mission. It was elaborate and had a lot of tension since you are alone.

@CJW yes Safe Haven is a new game in a new area of the US with new characters.

@Marajade you start the game alone with no sister, though there is an option to have one. I know you will be alone :slight_smile:

I get that, but you’ve mentioned a ‘Zombie Exodus 2’ a few times, is Safe Haven that sequel or an unrelated spin-off? I.e. will we be seeing a ZE2 as well (eventually)?

Yeah I like that mission it was fun. What kind of professions can you have?

Twilight zone time we posted at the same time

@JimD if i choose have a sister and called her Emma shoot me in head =))

@CJW I called it ZE2 but i want to separate the two, and the concept of a Safe Haven is central to the new story. In effect, ZE2 = Safe Haven.

@Storm I’ll be posting a beta in a few weeks but right now about 18 professions.

I can’t wait til tomarow lol

I just realized you said now!

@JimD there could be any oportunity of character being pregnant or if pc is a boy have his romance interest pregnant? i think could add urgency and dramatic moments also is original.

@Marajade I have a feature called Challenges and one of them is that you take care of an 8-year-old boy. Challenges are optional.

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I’ve just bought part 5. Can’t wait to read it!

@JimD It says it’s not realised yet still I don’t see it on Google play anywhere

@Samuel_H_Young thanks!

@Storm i don’t own an Android device but it lists it on Google Play as available:

What’s New

  • Now includes Part V: Resolution as an In-App Purchase!
  • Fixed a critical bug that prevented some users from saving games or playing Part 3 and Part 4.
  • New checkpoint system! Save your progress between chapters.
  • New original artwork for Part 1.
  • Bug fixes for all Parts.
  • Corrections to typos and grammar issues for all Parts.