Zombie Exodus, going forward

Looking forward to it even more now~

I couldn’t put this game down. It has a great plot and your writing style images it easy to understand. I liked how you could go back to the game at part 2 and go back to where you left off fairly easy. Getting to know the characters a bit more would be wonderful; as others have said. I’m really curious as to how you plan to loop Delvin back into the story. I’m not quite sure what to think of Heather yet. She seems a tad uptight, but that can be understandable considering the conditions. Anyways, I should probably answer these questions.

  1. Group survival sounds like a great idea, I’m hoping to see some crazy people in part 3+4, as that would add an interesting twist
  2. As I mentioned before, character developement would be great, maybe a tad of romance, but not the focus of the story maybe a bit more logic and puzzle solving
  3. Three to five events per week?
  4. I already mentioned how I felt about a few of the characters
  5. I’m not going to lie. I laughed pretty hard when Delvin made that comment about Heather’s shorts :3

@Mango - thanks for the feedback. Part 3 is almost ready (I just keep adding to it), so I think things are going in the direction you suggest. Devlin’s re-intro is going to be a bit of a shock and there will be a bit of romance too.

I appreciate your comments!

Do you have a specific release set?

I was hoping for yesterday but found errors while testing. My new release date is this Friday the 29th.

Is the new part out today?

Also a suggestion: can we have an inventory?

Yes, the new one will be out today. I am working on an inventory system but it won’t be released today.

first all great game, not much an fan of the zombie genre usually. But this game is the exception.

  1. like the groupsurival theme
  2. the character delevopement would be an great, esp when your action effects your character and of those around you
  3. dont really konw
    4.i dont get an real feel of the charcters yet esp concerning emma and heather
  4. really like the scence with the child and the song in the park, very eerie

@ice Thanks for the comments. The next chapter is going up and many of your comments are in play now.

Part 3, chapter 1 is now available at:

This is a draft, and I have done a good amount of testing but am still editing. Please let me know if you find mistakes, like it, hate it, etc.

For those who want to skip to Part 3, I added an option to go directly to it.


@JimD buddy! Go read the comment I posted on my discussion about Bushido Code… there is the intro for Bushido Code! Tell me what think! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good work Jim

Love it dude love it… part 3 is the best man. Haha I was going to make love to Heather… :stuck_out_tongue:

The boyfriends name randomly switchs from Carl to Connor, and he is also earlier mentioned as they are getting off of the boat when Candace isn’t there. Not done with the game, just thought I’d mention. :smiley:

@Mango – thanks, that’s fixed. I must have read it 30 times and still missed it :slight_smile:

Also, there is a major path, whether to save Carl or stay at the cathedral. They lead to 2 very separate experiences. Just mentioning it in case people want to try each path.

Yup, also, when Mindy, Dave, and yourself get to the barn, she says she hurt her foot, even though I took the car, and I don’t believe she hurts her foot in that one.

I just got done with the “stay at the cathedral” part, quite erie when Candace mentioned the girl. Very curious to see what happens with her. I found both part quite interesting. :slight_smile: Can’t wait for chapter 2 :smiley:

I’d prefer a chance to be able to win the crowd over if you decide not to go after Carl.

Maybe if you’ve selected minister as a job or research you should be able to rationalize not going and look better in the eyes of the others?

That was awesome~~~ I’ve been waiting forever for this next part and now I’m satisfied with it~

Thanks for the comments.

@Mango I will fix those issues

@Querida good suggestion

@Kavok I will add those in

@IyashiiOtaku thanks, glad you enjoyed it