Zeus' Dilemma (WiP - Last Updated 06/14/21)

Welcome to my first CoG game, Zeus’ Dilemma. For any parent questions, please refer to the FAQ. If you have any other suggestions, leave them down below! Also if you ask me anything spoilery, I’m really bad at keeping my mouth shut, so ask at your own risk.

Current Update: Chapter Four (06/14/21)

  • The final RO. Some of you guessed him, some of you didn’t.
  • How To Make A Monster Barf 101 (not medically accurate or tested)
  • “There was only one bed” but you can only really cuddle with one of the four and sleep in the same bed as two of the four
  • A gets mad at C.

Overall Word Count: 115k without code, 133k with code, and about 33k per play-through
Chapter Four Word Count: 25k without code, 27.5k with code

really bad Description:
You’re not supposed to be here. You’re supposed to be back in Mount Olympus, where it’s safe. Demigods die all the time out in the real world. The ones too arrogant to ever believe any misfortune might befall them, the ones too passionate to leave their loved ones behind. The ones that go on quests. All different types of demigods with the power and will to leave. Most often the children of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, even other children of your own parent go out and explore the world. But never you. Until now.

Thrust into a quest that you may or may not have wanted to be a part of, you must navigate the scary, new world outside of your home, Mount Olympus.

  • Play as male, female, or non-binary, and choose the gender (male, female, non-binary) of your four ROs.
  • Choose your godly parent or let fate decide!
  • Fight a deity.
  • Try not to get bucked off a centaur.
  • Live on Mount Olympus. I mean what more could you want?
  • Find out your non-godly parent.
Your ROs

…but only the “visible” ones. Yes, the format was stolen from Mind Blind, because I am in love with my soulmate Kent.

Alya/Ajax/Al Papadopoulos (m/f/nb)
Age: 25

  • Appearance: With dark skin, dark eyes, and dark dreads that reach to about their shoulders, A always stands proud and tall, seemingly bigger than they really are. In truth, Ajax clocks in at about 5’11, Alya at 5’6, and Al at 5’8, although they all overstate their height by an inch (Ajax more often than the others). They’re very muscular and bulky, due to hours spent training their physical prowess.
  • About: The child of Zeus that takes after their mother, i.e. they’re approachable, calm, and loyal to their partner a fault. Their exterior is hard as diamond, but once you break through it’s more like silicon carbide. A natural born leader, almost everyone at camp knows them as at least an acquaintance, but the list of people they’d call their friend is increasingly short. However, they have deathly amounts of pride, and if you decide to challenge them in anything, or if they ever lose in anything, well, good luck.
  • Rivalry: With M, for no reason other than the fact that neither can deal with losing. They’re constantly trying to one-up each other to almost toxic levels. In truth, M is one of the only people A actually respects on Olympus.

Cyrus/Cyra Masumura (m/f/nb)
Age: 19

  • Appearance: The first thing one normally notices about them is their height. Cyrus stands at 6′5″ and Cy at 6′2″, both of their once-blond hair now grown out to display their roots, reaching around their shoulders. Cyra stands at 6′ exactly, her once-blonde hair cascading down to her mid-back. C has dark eyes, and pale skin, occasionally giving off the impression of a human toothpick because of their skinny frame. They have large doe-eyes, and often bite their nails, leading to chewed-up nailbeds.
  • About: The child of Apollo with an intense dislike for poetry. They’re soft-spoken, and always attempting to smooth over any disagreement or issue. The most reliant of the ROs, they have a perfectionist complex, needing acceptance and respect from everyone they know. They attempt to become friends with everyone they can, and although they appear outgoing, they shut down and become shy very easily. They’re also easy to fluster, blushing vividly at almost any minor embarrassment.
  • Aspirations: To meet their aunt face to face, as they’ve only seen her in their dreams.

Mor(gan/timer) Bid(en) (m/f/nb)
Age: 25; one day younger than A

  • Appearance: Dark blonde hair that flops in front of their face because they’re too lazy to cut it, skin tanned from hours spent practicing their powers under the hot sun, and bright blue eyes that sparkle when they smile. They’re basically a golden retriever, if a golden retriever were to begin wearing black nail-polish to look more “edgy” (they don’t pull off the edgy look well). Although a day younger and with more lean muscle than bulk, they’re 3/4 of an inch taller than A (no matter the gender), something that they take great pride in.
  • About: The child of Hades that takes after Zeus, i.e. they’re turbulent, vengeful, and not the best at commitment forgiveness. They try keep to themselves, but their presence takes up whatever space they enter. If you want to approach them, you need to prove yourself worthy by withstanding their death glare. Not many do. Because of that, they make a powerful leader, and they do soften when speaking in front of crowds, having the uncanny ability to say what needs to get said.
  • Rivalry: With A, for no reason other than the fact that neither can deal with losing. They’re constantly trying to one-up each other to almost toxic levels. In truth, M actually really enjoys the challenge that A offers, and would be sad if A ever decided to stop their rivalry.

Kai Iosua (m/f/nb)
Age: 22

  • Appearance: With heterochromatic eyes (one a pale blue as turbulent as the ocean and the other a dark green and intricate as the ocean’s depths), dark auburn hair, medium brown skin, a jawline to cut glass, and a largish nose, K’s an amalgamation of traits that seem to work together perfectly. NB!K stands at around 5’6", F!K stands at around 5’2", and M!K stands at around 5’8", making them the shortest of the ROs, although they’re perfectly happy with not dying as early as the taller people, thank you very much.
  • About: M’s best and only friend, K’s naturally laid-back and funny. They’re very open and confident, although watch out because they can also display very manipulative tendencies. They love a good dad joke, bad joke, and tease their friends relentlessly. That said, they’re also loyal and will defend their friends against anything. They can be stubborn, very rarely, and if they’re set on an idea even M won’t argue with them. Unlike their dad, Poseidon, Kai’s not very vengeful or vindictive unless harshly prompted, but they will defend their honour. Probably the most book smart of all the ROs, they do very well in academics, and plan to pursue a career as something in that type of field once they graduate MOA at the end of the year.
  • Beefing: With Hermes after the Incident.
Your Questions

How many chapters will this be?
Twelve, I believe, with about half of them in the open demo.

When is the next update?
Whenever I can, I am a full-time student, after all. I’ll make sure to add monthly post-updates of where I am, and also update this post whenever I actually do get around to writing another chapter.

How important are stats?
Not super important, but there are a lot of different small branches that change scenes and wording occasionally. The most major choices will test the demigodly stats, but even if you “fail”, you just alter the content slightly.

Can I have [insert-god-here] as a parent?
Probably not. I have set paths for Apollo and Hermes, and I’m not going against canon myth for Artemis. Furthermore, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are so overused in media, that I really wanted to place emphasis on someone who was not related to them while not so subtly expressing my grievances with how they’re normally portrayed through their children. As for minor gods, they will be included in the story, but I won’t make them parents because they’re not well-known enough.

What are the problems/weaknesses that every different demigod has?
Each godly parent has a different thing that your character has that doesn’t fit with the stereotype. If you want more information, it’s in the stats screen. That being said, the problems aren’t there to be problems, they’re there to be quirks to your personality that you might want to “overcome” or not want to overcome. I answer Tumblr asks about this more in depth here, here, and here. I’d also like to add that it’s all relative, and although some quirks are less extreme than others, they all effect the story in a small way.

How are parent-child relationships, other sibling relationships, ect. ect.?
These will mostly all get answered in-game.

Update Log

12/07/20: Made this post, uploaded chapter one.
12/28/20: Updated chapter one and the tiniest taste of chapter two.
02/01/21: Uploaded chapter two. Switched POV to second.
03/15/21: Uploaded chapter three. Edits to chapter two.
06/14/21: Uploaded chapter four. Edits to the previous chapters but no major revisions.

Next Time

Late 2021???: Upload the entirety of chapter five and incorporate any suggestions from the peanut gallery (you).

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Currently, the game is at 115k words, although probably about a quarter of those are seen per play-through.

In particular, please, please let me know how you feel. How’s the pacing, what do you like and dislike about my writing, where do you think I can improve, is there anything you think I really need to add or really need to remove. If anything doesn’t fit your character or your godly parent (either in the narration or in the choice options), or if there are any bugs, please let me know as well!

Of course, letting me know about any grammar, spelling, syntax, typos, gender switches, coding issues, etc. are also all appreciated (English isn’t my first language and it shows sometimes). I also write with my voice (like right now) and it doesn’t go well within the confines of an interactive novel, so please let me know if you see any parts where the writing sounds too me and not enough you.


I wish we could choose one of the big three as our parent.


I played through a couple times…

Very good! I love all the customization, every choice actually has a discernible impact, its kind of like a Percy Jackson vibe, but more grandiose. I didn’t find any errors so far, so good job on that end. I’m looking forward to more updates! One small thing I would like to see, maybe we could be the child of Athena? That’d be cool :grin:

Team Morgan!


I’m in LOVE so excited for more


A good read so far. I tend to like books based off Greek mythology and it’s interesting to see some options I haven’t seen in other ones, such as having Dionysus as a parent. Didn’t expect that to pop up as an option.


The fact that I can ignore everyone including ROs and play as a lazy character who doesn’t care about quests and prophecies is already making me love this.


I really liked this so far! I think another comment mentioned the Percy Jackson vibes, but I think you also made this story your own and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Also here’s the code: 2242314223EBM


That was quite enjoyable already! I can never resist a Greek mythology inspired story lol I’ll be looking forward to seeing how this develops!


Okay, so I told myself I was gonna wait an hour to check back, and I couldn’t help myself. I’m smiling so big right now, this feedback was way better than what I was expecting which was abt three likes and a typo comment.

@Cool165 That’s a valid complaint, but there are so many other books/even cog wips that have those three as parents. I really, really wanted to include options that aren’t common in Greek mythology books, such as Dionysus as @Zoroth mentioned. Also, it’d be a bit weird to have your sibling as a potential RO. However, if you think your parentage is going to be boring… I have a few surprises in store for you. Thanks for reading!
@Jackpot1776 Thank you so much! I was a bit hesitant to add Athena as a parent just because she’s a virgin goddess, but I’m sure I can figure something out like maybe the PJO thing where her kids pop out of her skull, but the less PJO I can make it, the better lmao. If I introduce her, I’m probably going to also introduce Ares, so it might take a while to add both paths in order to keep the genders consistent. Thankfully, godly parent won’t effect the latter chapters as much as this one (I hope). I’m so happy you liked Mor, I was super worried about her characterization and that I was making her too anti-Hades kid.
@Claea Thank you so much! Also, it made me absurdly happy to be your first comment on the forums, for absolutely no good reason! Welcome to the forums, and I hope you enjoy the rest as well! (I never realised before just how much I overuse exclamation points, oops~)
@Zoroth Thank you! And I was really trying to include as many “wow, didn’t expect that” moments for a Greek mythology story that I could without seeming like too much. Also I love Dionysus and his power is the funnest to write.
@No_This_Is_Patrick Tee-hee, that’s the goal. Even though you are sometimes forced into things like being unfortunately unable to punch A and having to at least talk to Mor, although I might add a stare-off or rude hi option, I’m trying to make as many different “I hate this, I want bedtime” paths as there are “yay, quest, boom, boom, greek myths” paths. It is kind of hard though, because sometimes you (unfortunately) need the character to talk to ppl bc plot reasons~.
@Bananahead_101 Thank you so much for the kind words, and the code. I really tried my hardest to not make this exactly Percy Jackson, but when you say the words “Greek mythology school”, it’s kinda hard not to. Also I couldn’t help myself from modernizing a bit like PJO (i.e. Steve being Athena’s kid), but I’m still on edge whether or not to keep that.
@Tokiko220 Thank you, I really appreciate the words! I, too, am a sucker for Greek myths, and have been wanting to write one for… counts on fingers… forever.

Thanks again for reading everyone!


Honestly, this is one of the things I like about this concept so far: that the MC is not a child of one of the Trinity. Don’t get me wrong, they’re interesting gods, but I’ve seen Hades, Poseidon, and especially Zeus play center stage very often in different forms of media. I like the fact the MC of this WIP isn’t a child of the main three and a different set of Gods/Goddesses are getting their time to sign and I’m especially giddy about getting a chance to play as a child of Hephaestus not gonna lie.


Could have her kids be created from her thoughts or magic, but don’t pop out her head. Or her kids wouldn’t actually be her kids, maybe blessed by her and/or adopted.


No Apollo option? Im gonna cause an uproar :triumph: ANYWAY, I love your WiP so far, looking forward to more!


I wasn’t gonna comment again so soon, but, eh. I’ll leave I swear.
@Okami-Nora Thank you! That’s exactly what I was going for, which is also half the reason i added the resentful options – it could also be resentful at mainstream media. not that that was at all obvious, but that’s what was going on inside my head. Also I’m so happy Hephaestus is getting some love! I was quite scared every time I wrote one of his paths that no-one would like him.
@No_This_Is_Patrick I have no idea why I didn’t think of that. Wait, I do, it’s because I overthink everything. Athena as a mother is coming in the next update. And I’m so excited to write the pc’s interactions with her.
@heavens_way_out Thanks for the love! Unfortunately, Apollo is not an option because of spoilers. Hope you still enjoy, and especially enjoy what I have planned for him. That’s it, I’m not speaking anymore.


Wait which one lol. Also awesome can’t wait, fine with her being a mom as long as it’s not her just straight up having sex.

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i love the demo! will rayne bow be a romance option? can’t help but find our small encounter with her to be sweet! <3 i’ll be bookmarking this!

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literally any one except, i really like the idea of being blessed into demigod status. that’d be so cute, i can already picture her looking at baby mc and being like aww shes/hes/theyre gonna be a little genius some day. Basically, I j forgot there were other ways to not make her a parent. like my brain straight up said “well, all i have for you is pjo, guess i cant do it!” and i’m steadfastly sticking to canon myth for her, Artemis, and Hestia in that respect (and in most respects tbh, I’m a fan of twisting canon rather than just using the names but not having any of the same attributes)

@iaareno Thank you for your love! And remember, I did say you’ve met two out of your four VISIBLE (i.e. easy to romance, not hidden, gender switchable) ROs so far! (ive said too much.)
@anon42713113 your question is answered above :slight_smile:


Being made into a demigod should be interesting in her parent route and kinda excited to see how motherly she is, and yeah I feel like there are some things that shouldn’t be changed, and for those three that’s definitely it since they are technically asexual.


As with what everyone else said, I do really enjoy NOT being one of the big 3. Hardly anyone shows any love to the smaller gods, so this is a nice change :grin:


I love it!! I absolutely love playing as a stuck up vain slacker son of Aphrodite. I very much look forward to the rest of the story! Best of luck!


I’m so glad that I got a choice to be a metalhead in this but my suggestion is that you change the Nirvana posters to something like say, Metallica since most metalheads I hang around with isn’t interested in Nirvana. You don’t have to go with it though since Nirvana were technically rock as well.