March 2021's Writer Support Thread

How are we already two weeks into March? Where did the time go?


According to George Carlin, the navy has it, so you might wanna give them a call.
No, wait, Trump probably gave it to Russia


A strange month. I switched from working on my full game to an idea I’ve had for the CHOMP contest. I’ve done some really good theoretical planning and been able to prune lots of plot and complexity in my head (as there’s not enough time to write a sprawling story). I’ve got a lot of that plan down and ready to go.

But it’s been slow. So I’ve not written anything yet and I’m almost certain that I won’t have an entry in time.

On the bright side, I’m fairly hopeful that this will stand on its own as a novel way to write a CS story, so I intend to finish it either way and put the full game out there for comments.

Alternatively, I could stop distracting myself and just write the story in the next two weeks…


I am sure that you will able to fully make at least a slice of life big demo fo the contest with a good cliffhanger ending point to blow up the scoreboard.

Meanwhile, I am near 5k without code on my own entry, but I doubt I will present the game as I don’t think is what the judges want so pretty possible I just write it down and just shelving it. I don’t think this forum is the target audience for a thriller-horror story that is not focused on romantic stuff and is not even placed on America.

Edit This is not against the judges or the contest. I have Impostor syndrome and anxiety. This feelings are the ones I have to fight each time I try to make something public. Each time is difficult, but with each game I made public is a victory.

Reason I made this public is to show everyone who has same feelings that is not alone. And that many of us doubt about ourselves and our own work.

But I really think we should try to get over and fight against the feeling. I offer again as coder to anyone that doesn’t know how code but wants to participate in it.


Not everyone hanging out here is from America. Only way to figure out if it works for the judges is to show it.


I’ve not made much progress on mine, unfortunately. A recent… really devastating health diagnosis has sapped all motivation in that regard. I have the ideas but it’s been hard to even find the mood to anything, let alone write.


If you are okay and just need help I can code it for you so you only have to write. I hope you get better :hugs:



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Thanks mara :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but i think I’m taking a few days/weeks off writing. Can’t write well in such a headspace too.


Hi everyone!

March 13th was my birthday and I am happy to share this special moment with all of you. :birthday:
I’d really like to thank all of you for your incredible support. You were always there when I needed help and I love to chat and share opinions with you.

Never quit writing, success is just a line away. :blush:

Love :heavy_heart_exclamation:


First things first: @Gilbert_Gallo happy birthday for the 13th of March!

The next thing: I’m stuck with chapter 4. I think I need to do something like a ‘cut’ in tv shows and films, in order for me to continue writing… eureka! Hahahaa! I figured it out! I don’t recon I’ll be stuck with my story any more. :slight_smile:


Hey, friends. approaching the back half of the month. How are we all doing? I got the vaccine and slept for a week and will miss my goal by a mile. but like myamoto says, a delayed game is good eventually and a bad game is bad forever. i’m really excited for everyone to see what i’ve created when it’s done.


So, that’s probably not gonna happen. Work and home have both been awful this past month, and Chapter 3’s outline has ballooned wildly out of my expectations. The plan for it was a short, but vibrant investigation, and now it encompasses the realities of your family, how ethical it is to murder someone, even a criminal, the threat of a cult, and lots of other stuff.

I’m writing, and this is exciting stuff that I plan to have pay off tremendously at the end of the book when everything comes together, but woah boy is it a lot.

Been getting some more interaction in my thread lately though, which I’m glad for, discussing the story is a fun pastime, and I love talking to other users, something I hadn’t had much of in the past.


That feeling when all the dots finally connect is pure catharsis. It’ll be 100% worth it, keep going!


Finally did it! Well, I uploaded it while half asleep so now I gotta make sure I didn’t create a mess in my thread. It’s just… the amount of variations it had was a lot compared to the prologue so I was overwhelmed at first. And there are probably errors I haven’t seen yet. Still worth it to write, though!


I’m ready to tentatively declare March a productive month. Even considering that I still have family holidays, medical chores, and a national election to deal with, not to mention switching to daylight saving time later this week… I’m finally making progress on Turncoat Chronicle. Like, serious progress. It feels great, honestly, and I hope I can keep up the momentum into April.

Now the trick is to balance this progress with keeping up pressure on The Flower of Fairmont. I’d hoped to have an update by April (since I published the demo in January), but we’ll see.


I’ve finally made a start on my first game and I’m hoping to have a fully coded first chapter by the end of the month. Honestly, actually making a post instead of lurking in the forum is a step forward too. Good luck to everyone and thanks for sharing. Reading these support threads has encouraged me to keep trying.


I have just passed the 10k mark without code of my game. I am probably too slow. But I am going as fast as I am able to.


Good grief.

School (mainly one subject, IPT or information possesses and technology) has been stressing me out to hell and back.

And umm I haven’t been writing my story very much, since my birthday. I do want to pick it back up, I just… (untranslatable sounds of frustration) I think I need to restart parts of chapter 4 or something.

Honestly, I don’t even remember what my goals for this mouth were!!!


Your goal should be now Breathe and erase your own stress. Your writing will be there waiting for when you when you are better and more fresh. Rewriting is often a good idea.