Zeitnot [Work In Progress]



No, it’s Patrick! =o


btw, i saw the character list and noticed that some of the characters needs to be named. Are you talking about their nicknames for the game or their actual names?

i won’t mind some name etymology/meaning too.


Yep, the position of Black Queen is free :crown:

I mean the nicknames :smile: Most of the fleshed out characters already have a name (though not surname… yet), and several others at least are named (Diego, Cecily, Abda, etc.). Although I might change some alias to make them a tad more personal and less I-ran-out-of-imagination :thinking:


Just wanted to pop in and say I got Black Queen my first run through the game. I had such a hard time picking a good alias though!

I also accidentally stumbled into a romance with one of the characters during my second run. It felt kinda awkward cause I chose a response I thought was meant to be a joke to cheer the dude up and then later it was… awkward. Touchy-feely weird. Reminded me of a thing, so I was like… You know? Probs should have realized it was a flirt option…

This is what happens to shut ins :expressionless:


So this interesting. A murder mystery masquerade mixed in with chess? Yep. Interesting. Anyway is knight the only piece you can be? Or can you be the king or queen as well?


Nah, it’s not just Knight


Oops, I guess I should word the game a bit better or add some code to avoid these things, my bad.

@Ardit_Maloku anything but the position of Black King/White Queen is up for grabs with a RNG (Random Number Generator) function; depending on your role, the MC will have a different set of rules/conditions, victims and scenes :slight_smile:


That’s cool. Looking forward to see how limited or unlimited my MC can be depending on the chess they’re given.


I just want to know what a pawn MC has to do to reach a promotion (…do we have to kill someone of our own? It can’t be just killing people of the other team, because we anyway do that. Of course I mean “killing” not killing…but I guess we could try out that too…)

With such a plan I could call MC the “uncrowned Queen”.


Considering chess rules… maybe the pawn has to survive a whole night in the enemies quarters? Could be fun…


Can’t be that difficult…we could seduce J.

Yes, that certainly would be fun.


I am very excited to see where this goes


Btw, @Lycoris, are you okay with receiving fanart? i may have plans to draw my MC and Quinn to keep me from being in an artistic rut.


@Sammysam, I was wondering when would someone ask about promotions :wink: Let’s just say that there’s a good reason as to why the pawn card is blank instead of having its own drawing (unlike the Queen’s tiara or the Bishop’s cross) :smiling_imp:

@Guhik you had an interesting guess, but sadly, it would go against the game’s guidelines:

Though, if I were you, I would keep a close eye on J, just saying :zipper_mouth_face:

@Skully_Bones the update will take a bit since I’m still working on updating my other game, but I’m changing the structure and style :slight_smile:

@Abe why, of course! :star_struck: Feel free to do so, and I would definitely love it when I see it :hugs:


So is J genuine in his interest or is he faking it? If so he’s doing really well :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s great so far, I can’t wait to see what happens. I know nothing about chess though, hopefully I can follow along!


Ay, sorry for taking so long to answer! :sweat_smile: Interesting question! Is either J experiencing a really strong crush at first sight with the MC, or are they just making their first (chess) move? :wink:

Haha, don’t worry; when I say “loosely based on chess,” I really mean it. I know little about chess, only each piece’s movement, so I’m mostly using the thematic and some elements that are easy to understand :slight_smile:


Damn… the MC can’t trust anyone. A wolf is sheep’s clothing.


Hi I am J
A totally non suspecting sheep
You can trust me
I won’t bite
Oh please come near me I will not harm you


Fits right in. ( image courtesy of @Carlos.R )


Hehe I was lurking untill I could get 100th post.