Zeitnot [Work In Progress]



Well, as a Knight, I’d say I’m more than fit for that. Thank you for answering all my inquires!


I was just searching for a murder mystery type cyoa game after playing evertree in and I landed here. Murder mystery plus my favorite game chess and every piece have its own way of playing. I am looking forward to it😀. Anyway I got knight.


Since @Lycoris established that the guests can customize their clothes, i can imagine some of them wearing some really fancy headdresses. Like so:

(the one on the right feels like it can be for a black bishop).


How do you get the Knight


I don’t remember much but I had high finspun stat and I chose baunta and then suit.


Ok thanks for the info dude


I can’t help but laugh at myself for this nickname:

I was really tempted to put “Atheist Playing as That Holy Person” but seemed a bit much. I’ve pulled Knight (as Horsewoman) and Pawn (as Instrument).

Anyone else have funny names for their position?


I have always named my Pawn MCs Redshirt so far.


I had a chance to read through this and it’s interesting :). I ended up being a pawn called pawn. (I think in real life I wouldn’t be so good at this game, at least people know what I was easily?). You did the cliff hanger ending (Noooo!) But at least it sounds like you’re continuing it so it won’t end there :slight_smile:


Chevalier as a knight. d’Arc as a bishop.

i got pawn and rook before but i haven’t decided on the nickname to use then.


I was the king. :relaxed:


And here I thought become king is impossible, how you do it by the way?


High genuine and fine spun.

Chose steely mask ( 1st one )


MC’s piece is always random, actually. They can’t be White Queen or Black King, but every other role is up for grabs.

It’s rarer for MC to become the Black Queen/White King based on how the RNG works right now, but as I understand it it’ll be changed in the next update. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Edit: Wait no. This just means MC has more chances of being a Pawn instead of being any of the other pieces.


I thought of giving my Pawn MC the nick “Pinocchio”, but then I got a Radiohead vibe and thought “Ventriloquist”, “Head-on-a-Stick”, but decided for Kid A (like those “Tree number 2” on theathers, since there’s a lot of pawns in chess), that’s also my hero name on Heroes Rise lol.

But on my second gameplay I got the King and named myself “Burger” :smile:


@Abe such fancy clothes (and yep, perfect for a black bishop ) :star_struck: The demo has only “regular” formal attires (suits, dresses and skort-suits) for the first gathering, but when the actual game starts I want to add that kind of clothes, too :smile:

@Andrew_Stapleton, @Auser, @DUNGEON_MASTER it doesn’t matter which stats you have or the mask you use, the chess role is totally random. Just like @Greyscales points out, the MC can’t be the White Queen or the Black King because those roles are taken (they are Quinn’s and Hawea’s, respectively). I have to make a cleaner version of the code, but as things are right now, chances of being a pawn are a biiiiit higher.

@Phoenix_Wolf oh, you can! I didn’t thought about it (I was running out of time back then), but it would be quite ironic to name a MC with a chess position that represents the church/religion something like “Atheist” or “The Doubter”.

@Nael do you mind if I add that joke in-game? I’ll code it so the NPCs won’t be amused :wink:


Sure you can, go ahead xD


YEEEESSSS!!! That is hilarious! I haven’t gotten the King/Queen on either side yet but I kinda wish the Black Queen position is available cause I would have gone with the “Queen of the Night” from the Magic Flute


Wew six likes. Holy s###, im getting popular out Here wew. Its time to be the… False King of this thread =P


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