Your Sibling's Keeper Achievement


I was wondering if anyone here could help me get this achievement, no matter what I do I just can’t kill Magdalena. I’ve been horrible to her trough my playthroughs (annoyed that she came with me to court, shooed her out of my room, denied that Agustin was mad that Ricardo was a death mage, called her foolish for suggesting that a life mage would help Antonio be a life mage himself), I always use de Vega to get the spell, always choose to kill both her husband and step daughter but I can’t kill her no matter what method I choose.
I’ve even been rude to my uncle and aunt too just to see if it would change things but it doesn’t. So does anyone knows how to get the achievement? What did you do to get it?


Sibling’s keeper is not you killing her, it’s her killing you, and it happens later in the game, near the end if I remember.

Hrm maybe not.

So! From the looks of it it’s really, really annoying achievement to get. You have a 1 in 4 chance based on a random roll. So you just need to keep playing it over and over again until you get lucky with the random number generator. (It used to be you could go back and forth from the stats page to force a reroll, I can’t recall if you can do that now though.)


It works with the Google Play app for some Hosted Games (specifically Life of a Mobster, where I had to repeatedly reroll to get the ‘Full House’ achievement), so it might work with this one. (Haven’t actually downloaded the full CoR series, because I’m a cheap bastard.)


Thank you! I didn’t know I needed to reroll, I did get it.