Affairs of the Court - How to kill your sibling?


I’m trying to kill Magdalena for the achievement “Your Sibling’s Keeper”. I always end up poisoning her family, but not her.


I’m sorry I can’t help you myself, because I’m not sure–but I did move this to the hints section for you. (:


I’m picking through the code for the achievement. It looks like it’s under two options.

#Poison a carafe in their rooms and then keep ${Mateo} and Rosa away.
#Poison a carafe in their rooms and then keep ${Mateo} away.

It seems like there’s a random check there, with a 1 in 4 chance you’ll kill your sibling.

Your Sibling's Keeper Achievement

Without the “Affairs of the Court” part in the title, this would have been really concerning.


You can’t deliberately murder your sibling. Sadly. :smiling_imp: