Your Favourite Moment(s) from Movies

Just curious about the scenes that people love. Whether it’s romantic, action-based or something else, some moments just get to us.

My favourite has to be Rey’s vision in The Force Awakens. It’s easily the best scene in the movie and filled with many snippets from earlier movies.

Many people noticed the big things like the corridor at the start was in Bespin, but it was actually the exact place where Luke lost his hand in a duel with Vader and you can hear Vader breathing. But if you listen really closely you can find many small sounds.

Small awesome details

When the corridor overturns, you can hear Anakin screaming when he was burning on Mustafar. When she falls on her front, you can pick out Luke shouting his “Noooooo” when he learns Vader is his father. Yoda chimes in several times with some quotes and Obi-wan has some cool lines “You will be tempted…but you can learn it.” “You will do it alone.” : when Rey is abandoned and “These are your first steps.” at the end.

One very difficult thing to hear is Palpatine saying “Trust me, Anakin.” which I find absolutely heart-wrenching.

But that’s all my favourite. I’m interested in hearing yours.


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