Favourite moment/scene/story

What was your favourite experience in COR? For me, it’s kinda a long story. On my first run ever, I made a cute drone with high empathy and unfortunately had no idea how the game mechanics worked, so I sent him to attack the stupid FBI agent who tries to kidnap Eiji/Elly. Needless to say, he got kicked down and broke, and I thought he died for quite a while so I was really pissed. I also went to jail, and although people petitioned me out (with the help of Mark) I was still irrationally pissed at the FBI dude. I finished an otherwise pleasant empathy run and restarted… to spam military. Just for revenge. I made a metal 360-degree panoramic vision treaded gun armed robot who eventually grew to the size of a “Rancour monster.” It still implies that he only shot the agent’s gun or, at the worst, his hand, but I like to think he blew his arm off. I got away that time.

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Dying in the arms of the AI my character fell in love with with my original AI in the car with me as well. All the family I’ve ever needed and wanted close as I departed having changed the world forever and improved my world more than I ever could have known in the process.

Rather morbid and lovey-dovey, which usually I hate, but COR is my favourite COG game of all time, and it had a way of making my MC evolve and adapt in so many ways that she didn’t think possible.

Awww… that’t bittersweet…

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“There’s a loud crack as Teleiotis fires its gun arm at the agent, and the agent drops the pistol from his bloody hand. The agent clutches his hand instinctively and his pistol goes off as it hits the floor, shattering a nearby lamp. Two other agents are waiting for you outside of your door. They tackle you as soon as you set foot outside of your apartment and wrestle you to the ground. But Teleiotis successfully fights them off of you with its gun arm, and together, you make it to your Nimbus and drive away to safety.”

I stand corrected. You really do injure him. Just not enough.

A few moments, as COR is also my favourite game.

However, I’d single out the scene where Professor Ziegler reaches out to us.

We get to tell him that it was his dream that inspired us. That he was indeed “just a little bit necessary”.

“Hmph,” Professor Ziegler says, and a smile comes to his lips. “You got me. Once I realized I couldn’t hack it, I thought I could at least inspire someone else to live the dream for me.”

He then surprises you by singing.

“But I’ll teach the student
Who’ll manage the fact’ry
That tempers the steel that makes colonies strong.
And I’ll write the program that runs the computer
That charts out the stars where our rockets belong.”

Perhaps in reaction to your stunned stare, Professor Ziegler stops singing. “It’s an old song. ‘Somebody Will.’ One of my favorites…for when I feel like I haven’t really accomplished anything in life.”

“Yes, sir,” you say uncertainly.

“I was right about the Singularity, though,” Ziegler says. “You have to grant me that.”

You think about that claim: it’s true robots are doing a lot of things around the world now, but is everybody really immortal and superintelligent? It seems like they’ve mostly been doing the things people were doing before. But you don’t press the issue. “I hope you’re happy.”

Professor Ziegler nods. “I think so,” he says. “Happy enough.”

A few weeks later, you learn that Professor Ziegler has passed away in his sleep.

Poignant stuff.

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I really liked romancing my robot too, I played COR at least 10 times…but not for ages. But I do remember one scene well when you’re in the club with your kinda rival and your robot is asking what the purpose of dancing is. I really lold when you chose the most robotic answers yourself, explaining it logically, saying it’s a mating ritual or something lol. I also loved the description of your robots behaviour if you show it the dark side of humanity, let it hang out with mark etc, the image in my head is just hilarious :stuck_out_tongue: and loved the news stories that went along with it.

But of course the highlight is probably tammy! any scene with her in is automatically the best :stuck_out_tongue: one of my favourite COG characters ever.

Oh yeah… that poem. That was so good! I was totally not prepared for Professor Ziegler dying the first time this happened. It was kinda sad even though he and I were not on the best of terms.

Lol, one time I played an illegit playthrough and did everything that seemed the weirdest. Got some of those results. As for Tammy, I guess it’s Silas for me but I never ended up marrying him…