What one thing would you change about your favourite COG or Hosted game?


Now we all have a favourite Cog or Hosted game but I’m sure we all have that one thing that if we could, we would change.

what I’d like to know is what’s your favourite COG or Hosted game, what one thing would you change about it and why?

For me, my favourite game is zombie Exodus and the one thing that I would change about it, if i could, is to have the option of helping Tom with his problems.
Why? Because as you see earlier on in the game, Tom is a great organiser and things seem to work well under his leadership. I know it was part of the game for you to become The leader but perhaps it could of been implemented in a different way?
I would of loved to have seen how the game could of progressed under the leadership of Tom.

what about you?


Mine changes with some releases,But one of my ALL time favourites was psy high, and what I would change was the Allison romance, she’s shy, yet she asks you out, I would have rathered you had to earn that romance, not have it handed to you, I would also like it to be way longer.


My favorite CoG is Choice of Robots and the only thing I would like to change would be how the people around yo react if you choose to rebel! I can understand most of your wife reactions but Juliet?! She’s from the army! She shouldn’t be so close minded about war!

But if I must talk about the exact thing I would like to change in a game is the ending Morales gets in Divided We Fall. His ending is one of the most depressing I have seen in all the games that Cog has. His ending sucks. He either ends as a slave that is close to death, a traitor or dead.


My favourite COG is Choice of Robots. One thing I’d change (and I nearly emailed @KGold about this) is that final conversation between the MC and Professor Ziegler, before the latter’s death. It just seems to me that that scene would more powerful if they were having the conversation face-to-face (as in, not via computers), outside, in the streets. I’m not sure why, but whenever I get to that part, that’s how my imagination always pictures (or rather, re-writes) it.


@Jjcb and @122BCooper Yeah. Choice of Robots is an amazing game. I think I must have played that game at least 10 times! :slight_smile:


Are you @addicted to it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry, lame joke lol.

But yeah, me too. Like with Slammed, I was initially uninterested in the game because of it’s subject matter…and not only did it turn out to be so much more than just a ‘robot game’, but now I am totally interested in robots because of it.


@122BCooper Hahaha that’s terrible! Although I have played Slammed and liked the game, I didn’t play it more than once as the theme of wrestling is something that doesn’t interest me.


In Tin Star the player has a lot of freedom for what to do at the end of the story, and there’s a fair amount of flex in the middle as well in terms of different ways to go about things. It’s one of the most sprawling CoGs here.

I can’t honestly think of a ‘one thing I would change’ about it - most of the changes I might make would honestly actually detract from the story. But I wanted to put it out there as my favorite CoG.