Favourite Moment in the Heroes Trilogy (Obv spoilers)

Basically what it states.Im talking about that moment when u read and feel the squealz tugging at your …heart thing :stuck_out_tongue: ,Was it the romance scene or the Big fight in front of the prison ?

My personal fav was when I told Rexford to slug himself in the hero project :smiley:
and knowing that I had protected Jenny from disgrace.it was both surreal and enlightened me as to how much i truly liked this series.

…Though I guess the big devoid raid was a close second :sweat_smile:

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I think mine might be when the Millenial Group fought the American Protectorate in the third one. It was just very cool.


Only one moment? Because that’s difficult… I will just list my top three in a random order.

Destroying the world together with Black magic (of course :laughing:)

Romancing Jury and more importantly president victons reaction to it.

And as cruel as it sounds, ms Artillery’s death, because of the impact it had.


The end of the first game, confronting Prodigal. She’s just ruined my name, revealed my identity, destroyed my faith in sidekicks. I’ve awakened a power I didn’t know I had, I can defeat her! …and then I manage to save everyone, even sparing my enemy.

Needless to say, I romanced her in the third game.


I have to say that destroying the world with Black Magic had me nodding my head in approval lol. But other than that I think I like whole fighting scene at the end of the game, it was fun to see everyone just go at each other no matter what side they were on. *Hint Wintry and StageShow

Every scene which involved punching Jury, damn satisfying.

Kissing Jenny at the end of Hero Project.

All scenes with GG, by far the biggest hero of the entire game.

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That scene where GG, Stage Show, The Bear,Jenny and you get in an argument about sexuality and why we shouldn’t put each other in a certain box or label, This scene really speaks allot.

Black Magic waking from his coma and wrecking havoc because he sensed that your in danger and wants to save you.

Every scene with Prodigals banter and her sudden return when I thought I killed her.


You reminded me to add my favourite prodigal line:

“Oh dear Jenny, don’t you understand? Whatever you say bounces off of me and EXPLODES ONTO YOU.”


Prodigal is the life blood of the game in A way that she made the story crazy and fun.

Jenny got burned with that line and Prodigals suffering from infini cancer at that moment Imagine if she didn’t… Roasting Jenny intensifies.

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Lol Prodigal was really something but the romance felt very…L-O-L.More like a fun one rather than a super serious one like the others.She felt more like a friend and I still haven’t forgiven Zack for killing her like that,even if romanced.Screw story linearity !:stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of people didn’t like the Black Magic romance, but I did. I particularly liked that moment when he/she woke up from his/her coma to save the mc.


Ignore the haters, Black Magic is awesome.

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Melting Rebellion’s face off when I did my ruthless playthrough. Man, that was pretty satisfying

Prodigal reappearing at the end of Hero Project.

That was the only part I didn’t remember from my first playthrough, but after deciding to go through “The Prodigy” again, I remembered how much I LOVED Prodigal as a character, and I kept hoping she’d show up in Herofall, if only for a cameo.

Then after watching Lucky go into a coma, breaking up with Black Magic, and losing my powers, I was pretty darn sad at my ending, even thinking about going again just to see if I could change things.

Then I read a line I’d remember for the rest of the trilogy.

“Are we really all that tired, Chicken?”

I literately yelled in excitement when I read that, clicked Next, and shouted “PRODIGAL IS BACK, BABY!” and kept reading.

Then she gave me the news that her mom was alive, and I was hooked.

So yeah, that’s my favorite moment, probably the happiest I was to see Prodigal, and it kinda makes me feel better after watching her die.

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Kissing Jury and Victon’s reaction to it. LOLOLOLOL. Ahem.

Prodigal finally dying for real, because I was not fond of her and having to be nice to her.

Black Magic showing up at the end to help out.

I feel like there are a lot of little moments throughout the games that didn’t stand out to me, but that I knew I would miss if they weren’t there. But those three are the biggest moments for me. :slightly_smiling:


When Black Magic disappeared after you get it on at the beach. I don’t know, that was so emotional for me, bae crying is a no-no ;-;

Convincing them the error of their ways, having Rebellion return and demolish Inherit is very satisfying.

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I second this, they sure know how to make a dramatic entrance.

Oh man, when Black Magic comes in after waking up from his coma was a huge thing for me. Especially when he teleported my MC across the country and just like “I did good?” that just broke my heart. My poor baby, you deserve better. You really get the bad end of the stick no matter what at the end of Hero’s Project.

I know my first “holy crap” moment was when Prodigal called during the Hero of Tomorrow Grant ceremony. I didn’t really think she was a huge threat to me during my first play through, just someone who appeared and was then gone. Having to pick between my sidekick (Pessy for me that time, I loved him so much) and Sonja was not a fun choice. Then having Pessy turn on me was just… It broke my heart, man. Then my heart was broken again when I replayed and choice Sparrow as my sidekick.

Also the part where you talk with The Crush at the restaurant… Man. The Crush is one of my favorite characters all because of that scene.


I would have say Prodigal’s Death Scene(if your romancing her) had a large impact on me… But my favorite? I would have to say it’s when you end up fighting Rebellion, and you can just say to him, calmly… “I’m going to kill you now.”