Favourite romance scene in a Choice of Game or Hosted Game?


Another question!

What was your favourite romance scene? and why?

Favourite love interest in a Choice of Game or Hosted Game?

That’s a toughun… Hm. I think my favorite one is a tie between Tom’s from Zombie Exodus and Finch from A Study in Steampunk.

Tom’s really stuck with me for some reason, and no, I’m not talking about what we know happens later on. There’s just something about the way the interaction between the player and Tom goes (during the scene itself) that left a lasting impression on me. Plus… that scene on the couch was hot, not gonna lie. The bit where the MC’s looking down at Tom and realizing that, at that moment, he was theirs? A+. :beers:

On the other hand, Finch’s scene was very emotional and visceral and it actually breached the fact that emotions were involved and grew. Too many romance scenes just have the MC and the RO kiss and… that’s it, but Finch’s scene was this declaration that was touching and continuously kept coming up. It was satisfying and it was beautifully handled and executed. :kissing_closed_eyes:


just posted about that in another thread lol. there’s loads, but in choice of robots when your in the club with your rival and your companion bot and you explain to them what dancing is in the most robotic, logical way possible, describing it as a mating ritual I loved it as made me lol so hard :stuck_out_tongue: but also the scene with prodigy in hero’s rise hero fall comes to mind when you go to her base. you just learn so much about her, and I love what I learn. that really shows how misunderstoodd and amazing she is :d


Probably every scene with Finch. I really did like the scene with Finch leaving the opera house though. The romance was subtle here but still conveyed the way the MC perceived the relationship and then seeing Finch caught off guard was lovely considering his character always seems so focused. That scene appeals to me because both characters are distracted by the love they have for each other but in two different ways considering what Finch says right before the scene ends😅


Hey, I decided that this needs a topic of its own! Because it does! :slight_smile: And hopefully more people will notice this now.

I think my favourite scenes are in Slammed! When you finally fight JJ at the end, and if you play just right, all that tension throughout the game can culminate in a single kiss. (And then an epilogue).

Or Ecstasy in Slammed!, not the hotel scene because that felt entirely the wrong timing to me. But if you say no to Ecstasy then and ask them to wait instead. And just the waiting scene, where there you are, hoping they’ll show up, thinking over everything that’s happened in the past between the two of you, and they aren’t there on time.

I like the vignette with Villeneuve in Broadsides.

Kissing Jury and it being reciprocated, on live tv, in front of his father… hehehee! Or am I misremembering? Actually, no, from Heroes Rise, it’s that scene where Black Magic’s secret has been outed, and they’re speaking to you, and it’s supposed to be a romantic scene, and they’re talking, spilling their heart out to you, but all the time the cameras are rolling, and you’re never quite sure if this is finally the real them again, or just an act.

The ending of Petal Throne’s fun for the ridiculousness of being able to end up with everyone.

There’s more, alas my memory’s so fuzzy just now.