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My idea for this thread is that it´ll be a series of discussions, and not so much about which films you like or even whether a particular film is “good”, but your impressions in general (or about something in particular), how the movie made you feel, how it made you think, what it made you think, etc. For example…

I watched The Prince of Egypt recently and couldn´t help but side with Rameses II in principle, because the God in the film was acting like a terrorist. “All the innocents that suffer(ed) from (Rameses´) stubbornness and pride” weren´t just suffering from his stubbornness and pride. Moses and his God were the ones causing the suffering. I loved it when Rameses flipped a table and sent his inept priests packing before staring down Moses, as if to say, “I can’t depend on their Gods to back me up, but that’s not going to stop me from standing up to yours”.

There’s a difference between being in the right and doing things in the right way. The film´s God didn’t do things in the right way; he wanted to make an example of Rameses. He wanted to make his power known, and feared, for what had been done to his people. So in a way, he was just as stubborn and proud as Rameses, the difference being that one was a God and the other wasn´t, ultimately. Moses, being caught in the middle of all this, just tried to make the best of it.

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I mean Moses people were slaves and their God sent him on his behalf to free them and Ramses kept refusing.


Woo-hoo! Finally a thread for us cineophiles!


hello all…
the new transformers film was shot a mile away from my house quite close to Stonehenge so no one cant say that I haven’t taken part in a transformers film.


  • spirited away
  • Transfomers: Rise of the Fallen
  • Civil war
  • TMNT out of the shadows
  • Digimon Movie 5
  • Fantastic Beasts and where to find them
  • a monster calls
  • Ponyo
  • Kubo and the two strings (not a kid warning)
  • Iron man 3


I know, but that doesn’t make what their God did right. He could have freed them in other ways, but chose the “this will probably cause more suffering for no good reason, but make my point heard” way. Even in one of the final scenes, where he has the Egyptian army caged in fire, he chooses to release them while the slaves are still escaping, knowing that they´ll continue the pursuit, so he can punish them. This argument is faulty insofar as I’m assuming this film´s God is all-knowing and all-powerful, but while Rameses was in the wrong, I couldn’t help but sympathise and even respect how he reacted, nevertheless.


The old testament God was pretty ruthless.


okay, if god was so good why did he create demons? that just…just wha? you want humanity to be perfect so why create demons?
(back to films guys since this is not a good subject to most people okay)


I finally got around to watching Boyhood last night and it was so so good, it’s pretty long but in my opinion it is worth it! It feels really personal like you really feel like you are there aging with everyone as the years go by? I don’t know but the story is really good and made me feel introspective(?) If you haven’t seen it yet you definitely should! :smile:


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The first time I saw Deadpool was in that trash movie Wolverine Origins. Then I saw how he was supposed to be in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance video games so I was hoping Ryan Reynolds wouldn’t disappoint and he didn’t :smiley_cat:


Manchester by the Sea. One of the greatest films I’ve seen for quite a while.


Deadpool is actually going to hang out with Cable who uses Wi-Fi to time travel (duh!) in his second film and his fiancée…powers up! any whom follow the marvel series of comics shall understand what I mean…


That´s a great point, but it argues against this God being all-knowing (as if he was, he would have known what Rameses was going to choose to do). Not that anybody´s making that argument; it’s a faulty assumption on my part. I do prefer your view to mine.

It’s also possible that God knew that Rameses would keep coming after his people, and was no longer fit to rule anyway. So drowning his soldiers (not that we know they were drowned - it´s the logical conclusion, but strictly speaking, we only know what happened to Rameses) and stranding him may have been both merciful and pragmatic from God’s perspective.

It’s strange because I was going to watch that exact film yesterday, but chose to watch The Prince of Egypt instead. I hope we can compare notes soon, if either of us has any.


check out SYFY guys, its having anime movie marathons up until Feb, it recently had Red Steel. P.S it is on Saturdays.


He was so funny in it - and also so sad? Oh my god it was heartbreaking at times - and he and Vanessa were absolutely precious in it. I love them together :blush:

@122BCooper this is what I love about that movie! There’s a thousand different viewpoints to consider. I definitely agreed with you when you pointed out that the citizens of Egypt who weren’t able to influence the slaves’ daily lives or fate (particularly the children) shouldn’t have been punished. It reminds me of the great flood story where supposedly all the wicked drown, but they can’t have all been wicked because there would have been children on the ground there and honestly what child deserves to drown?

(I keep saying wicked a lot in this thread? Sorry, that’s my childhood religious education classes coming out there :joy:)


LMAO I know the feeling went from primary school to secondary school all Christian schools. The one thing I really love about the Prince of Egypt are the songs and I hate musicals :joy_cat:


Watched a fair few films recently, the only one that stood out though was How I live now. Think it suffered in terms of character development from not being long enough but liked it in lots of other areas. Don’t normally like modern films, but did like this one, dark and grim which is nice :stuck_out_tongue: though the main character was the main plus for me.

Haven’t seen many films with a female lead(relative to films with a male lead that is), even less with a relatable one, and haven’t seen many films just with a relatable character either really, most have the leads as OP badarses like in the aliens series, and all mentally healthy etc :stuck_out_tongue: . IMDB says the main lead here has anorexia and is neurotic btw, was a similir experience to when I watch gundam wing with regards to Hero Yuy, it’s much more enjoyable to watch a film with a relatable and realistic character obvs :slight_smile: . Maybe due to that too it made me pretty emotional, wasn’t sure what at the time, though my counsellor said since I felt like crying it could’ve been sadness, though I found the experience confusing and don’t fully understand it, but enjoyable :stuck_out_tongue: .


It is such a fantastic soundtrack! I’ve always wanted to buy the CD.

(Since we’re discussing the soundtrack, here’s a cool fact: Ofra Haza sang the part of Yocheved in every single language that film was available in, because Ofra Haza was incredible)


Prince of Egypt was the first animated movie I watched still looks good nineteen years later.


I really like Through Heaven´s Eyes. What the song touches upon is partially why I believe in God, but at the same time, you don’t have to be religious to enjoy it.

@thatdodgymoggie, idk about this. That they weren’t able to influence things for the better, rather than they chose not to, or didn’t think to. Standing up for the slaves might have gotten individuals who weren´t Moses in trouble, but I think if everyone stood together and requested better treatment for the slaves (possibly at their own expense overall), that might have helped. That said, there’s actually no evidence that they never tried this (large-scale or individual protests)…but either way, they shouldn’t have been punished.