YOU Guys should put more games On the Website

YOU Guys should put more games On the Website

Does the emphasis on “you” refer to the forum community as opposed to the CoG staff?

Clearly we should get cracking with churning out some games folks.

I volunteer to be the whipping master… 8-X


As much as I would like to have a new game every-day on the website. Unfortunately that is not possible. The writers first of all have to make an interesting story-line and then afterwards program it into choice-script. (And I have tried and failed miserably) Then after-wards you have to go through Beta testing it and asking everyone one on the forum to help out. Then you have to decide or not on whether there is to be concept art (Which most do) And then afterwards do the Art. After-wards you have to go to the editor, work your way around the bugs, and then send it off to Choiceofgames and wait for it to be approved. Not to mention that we all have regular normal lives to attend to. My heart wishes to have more games but I realize that if they rushed through that whole process then the games would suck. But if your impatient for games try out beta testing. You get a sneak peak at possible choice titles and also have a good read. But if you can’t be bothered, then your just going to have to wait.

Whew that was long.

i have tried to make a game really quickly and it was horrible i din’t even dare to put it on the forums :stuck_out_tongue: now i am making my games slowly it would probably take an year before seven swords is posted on the web

Most people spend months, not just one or two, but practically ages on these games. And sometimes people let these games be for free. Some people are too nice in this world.

i doubt seven swords will be good enough i will probably make another game after which will probably be better so it will take to years before i put a game on the web

yeah imma let my games be free because i don’t think my games are worth money.

Don’t beat yourself up over it. At least you can Program Choice Script.

Quality over quantity. Encourage inspiration and cultivation over production.

i understand quality over quantity but what does the second part mean? :stuck_out_tongue:

Inspire and grow rather than manufacture things I guess.

If you look at all the current WIPs out there I guarantee there will come a time this year when a huge wave of games come out rapidly, then you have to wait for the next big wave of games. They come in waves my friend…in waves.

@TIYF is right, I mean think about the bigger developers and publishers, they all start numerous projects years before they will be released and as they work on those they pick up another couple of titles along the way so that the publishers have titles being released every year in waves, especially during the winter holidays, that’s usually when the biggest and baddest titles that a developer/publisher can churn out make their appearance.

and @2ton is making this sick game i loved it so far but it will take about 2 years before he shows it to public, his game is awesome …!!!

I would love for COG to implement their own web based store, if only to break free of the corporate colossus that is Google inc., unfortunately the possibilities of that happening seem slim at the moment.

Im planning to write a giant story but i cant code… I have already started on it and its already awesome

@P0RT3R Any chance of a preview?

Not yet if im done with chapter1.1

You don’t tell people to put more games on the website, the website should tell you to put more games on it