"You can't save here. Please choose another location."

Yeah, this has probably come up before, but I’ve googled it and found nothing which seems to help me. I’m trying out this engine and as per the tutorials am attempting to save a couple of scenes in the startup file so that I can try them out and check that they work. But when I try to save them, I just get this message. I’m doing this on my personal computer, which as far as I can tell has admin privileges, but nothing is coming of it except this. Could anyone help? Thank you. Apologies if this isn’t the forum for nooby technical difficulties.

You’ll want to save the scenes in the same folder as startup.txt, rather than in startup.txt itself. Is that the trouble?

(Also I moved the category to ChoiceScript help for you! That’s probably best, I think.)


Have you unzipped everything?

What OS are you using?

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Ahh, there we go. I hadn’t unzipped it properly. Thanks a lot for your prompt help, guys.