I'm having trouble with the scene_list command

Hi there,

I’m seriously having trouble with getting Choice script to recognise that I have other files in my scenes folder.

In startup, i wrote:

At the end of the startup file I wrote *goto_scene chapter_one.
However, when getting to chapter one when playing the game, I get the error message “permission denied.”

Yes the name of the two files are indented under the *scene_list command and yes the two files are .txt.

I get the same problem when creating a new startup or choicescript_stats file.

Why is this the case? I need help.

This might be the fix? (Same error as here right?):

Pulled from the wiki here.

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Does that mean I need to re-download Choicescript?

Yes, although you should be able to copy all your text files over.

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Thanks. As always, your advice has worked.