For some reason, every time I set up a new scene in the scene list, I can’t access that scene in the CoG, even though I have written everything out in the scene itself.

For example, I have created a file called prologue.txt. In the scene list in the startup file, I have put it right after startup, so that right after startup is finished, I should go to scene prologue. However, that doesn’t happen in my game. Instead, when I click next, I get a pop up message that says access denied, before getting stuck in a loading screen.

Can anyone help me out?

Does it work with *goto_scene?

I just tried, and it gives me the same pop-up message.

Is the file in the right folder? Are you saying goto prologue?
Do you have have the files uploaded so someone can take a look?

Sorry, I’m busy now, so I can’t explain in much detail- but it may be that you didn’t unblock the ChoiceScript file (the .zip one) when you downloaded it. I believe that there’s an article on the wiki telling you exactly how, but I’m very busy now (as I said) so I can’t help much. Hope this helps, though!

@Redgrave This the section you’re speaking of?

"Invalid Character: The invalid character error is believe to come from Windows 7 (and possibly Vista) “blocking” the javascript files from functioning. Redownload the zip file containing ChoiceScript, right click on it, open Properties and at the button of the properties window there should be a button that says Unblock. Click it, then select okay. Finally, extract the zip file as normal. It may also be possible to individually unblock every file in the zip file after it has already been unzipped, but this is not recommended. "

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Oh, I see, thanks, now I know what I did wrong.

@FairyGodfeather yep, that’s it!

@Wyrmspawn I hope it’s all fixed now. When I first downloaded ChoiceScript, it took me ages to get it working as when I was younger, I never really used a computer so it’s all a bit double-dutch to me!