Yay or Nay? The Last of the Cerluses

Hello. I’m new to the forums though I have played many CoG. I was thinking of maybe doing a game of my own. Heres a little preview of what I’m thinking of doing:

The Last of the Cerluses

There once was a world much bigger than ours. Long fields of extraordinary plants and animals occupied these lands. Animals lived together without worry. Plants blossomed and created colorful meadows. There were even human like creatures with wings and tails that could fly. Everything was perfect there. But that was before they came. Before they burned down our lands. Before they captured out kind and experimented on them. That was before me and the last few Cerluses were forced to run for out lives. Its been two years since then. And guess what. We’re still running.

I didn’t want to start right away without some feedback for the story, what things I should add or I should add etc,. I am also still working on the title so if you have suggestions they would be welcomed!


Will we play as the humanoid creatures? Also, is this a story of retaking the lands? I was thinking you could maybe play as an experiment that got too intelligent…you know escape and turn yourself into a weapon to stop them

The thing is…is doesn’t really matter what the story is, or setting, or whatever…just how it is put together… if done right, almost anything can be interesting! to me, great characters are key! if you love the idea, just go with it and don’t worry what others think ;]


Sounds good, go for it!
I always do enjoy a good story about imaginative species and fantasy worlds.

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Yea it would be following the last Cerluses (also called the humanoid creatures). I was thinking that it would start out with them surviving in the wilderness so I could introduce some of the animals and different types of plants. Then they would conquer parts of the planet when I feel like the reader understands the planet well enough. Then they would take the world back from the humans. Maybe I can add that the leader Cerluses (the one you would be playing as) would watch the experimented Cerluses through his/hers dreams. I don’t know yet i’m still working through the details.

Sounds like a really cool idea

its completely up to you, sounds great :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

sounds interesting. The enemy in the game are humans?

Sounds interesting, you can give it a go writing it. There are a lot of people willing to help you if you get stuck with coding. Theres also a lot of info from previous questions asked available in the forum :smile: haply writing :smiley: