WW:U-- DLCs suggestions and feedback thread

OKAY-- so first new thread in idk how long, but HI! to those of you who don’t know me, I’m J. Leigh, aka WayWalkerLeigh and author of the HG Way Walkers: University that’s been banging around on here forever. What brings me to the new works in progress forum is i am finally working on DLCs for WW:U1-3 as i’m finally making a decent progress on WW:U3, and ive discovered if i take breaks and work on other stuff i tend to do better. :smiley: I’ve also come to realize there is simply WAY too much content in WW:U3 as planned, so i need to shorten it into a core game and then offer any additional content as DLCs. I’ve also go additional things i always wanted to add into 1&2 as well as continuing requests for such over the years.

SO, this thread is intended to help me organize the clusters of extra content into ‘packages’, decide what should be a DLC and what should be core content for WW:U3, and just take suggestions in general.

My first, offical DLC is a Halloween-equivalent night i’ve been dreaming about for YEARS, that will take place in WW:U1, and it’s my hope that i can get it done in time for a Halloween release next year. The basic flow is thus:

	"So, this is how it goes down," Umbrave explains, eyes wide as he gestures with his hands while talking. "Each embassy has events going on, and at each one you can win treats, and if one of those treats is marked with the embassy insignia, then you get a special prize."

"What kind of prize?" you ask.

"Depends on the embassy." Kess grins widely. "Last year, we went to the mock-haunting at the Lu'shun Republic embassy, and Ay'cure won and got an entire bag of this gourmet saltwater taffy that was [i]amazing[/i]."

"It [i]was[/i] really good," Umbrave confirms with a knowing head-bob. "Ay'cure sent shared it with a lot of us and it's some of the best candy I've ever had."

"Wait--" you wrinkle your nose, recalling Jun's strange habit "--is that what that little piece of paper Yestin keeps inside his pillow and sniffs at night is?"

Umbrave bursts out laughing. "Maybe? Ay'cure and her are friends so I bet he sent some home, too. It really was a magical flavor."

Shaking her head, Kess stifles a snigger. "There's other prizes, too-- small charms or incense packets to keep the dead at bay. Though most of them are treats."

"So, we go to all eleven of the embassies in one night?"

"Oh, goodness, no," Kess says with a good-natured chuckle. "You have to participate in the activity in order to get a treat, and there's usually a line, plus the activity takes time. Like the mock-haunted house was a good two hours last year."

"Oh wow."

"Exactly." Pursing his lips, Umbrave taps off on his claws. "If you start early, and go all the way to the midnight bells-- that's the curfew for the First and Second Tier students --you can probably get to about four of the embassies and consider it a full and fun night."

"So, do you want to come with us, ${name}?" Kess asks, twirling a strand of golden hair.
	#"Sure, this sounds like fun!"
	#"No, I'd rather not."

You of course will be asked to tag along with Jun is you’re friends, and i’m still debating if Semryu will give you his quest as a directly separate *choice opposite the embassy crawl or if he’ll offer up his adventure after curfew. (allowing for the main embassy crawl AND Sem’s adventure to be read during the same read-through) I’ve been fleshing out the different Embassy/cultural versions of the event, but i’m still fleshing things out so if you have any specific Halloween-related events/ideas, now is the time to speak up.


My main absolutely HATE Jun and every one no Semry so Or Sem or anyone will give me the opportunity of the DLC.
Except if Jun uses the DLC to Kill Mara The red lol

So, that’s Semryu or bust, then? lol

Just to be clear: if the intro into buying the DLC was as posted above, which either Jun& Ay’cure/a or Kess and Umbrave offering to take you out, you’d not choose it, even knowing you might get to see Semryu later?

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In role I can’t, I will buy it, and play with other of my characters. But with my main who literally is Mean girl and only have a relationship with Sem and later Owen and basically hates everyone else and has max red, I can’t go with the others fake being friends when Jun tried to kill me and we despise us mutually. But I don’t see problem with dlcs only goodies can play

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Well this DLC would be prior to the attempted murders, back in WWU1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I will take that into consideration.

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aka evil mastermind behind evil Jun.


I would play no matter who it involves I love way walkers and all characters so Happy to hear the possibility of more content :slight_smile: so excited!


Spend more time with Kess? Yes please!

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SO, do you guys want anything more specific? Not getting a lot of feed back here. :disappointed_relieved:

Maybe a pumkin carving contest that would be fun. Or a a game to see who can make the scariest illusions? Picking outfit with friends would be cool too.

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So honesty moment, absolutely any content/dlcs that come out for WWU is something that I’m going to buy. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the world, and part of that is because you’ve shown such a talent in creating content that’s beyond lovely. Personally, I’d love to see an expansion of relationships, and maybe just a little more general hang out time with characters, because a large part of the draw to me is how defined and realistic your friends/enemies/classmates feel when you interact. I’d just love to see more interaction in the little things, like studying between classes or killing time before sleeping, just sitting on the counter and being snarky. That being said, that’s something that can be added with almost any DLC content that you release, and I’m just utterly and totally excited to see where you take the extra content. :smiley:

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Ooh, my mc is always up for more adventures with Sem. :grin:
Any chance to see Sem in fancy dress up?
I do hope you can release the third game first as CoG seems to be waiting for that one to put the whole series on Steam, which I kinda need to be able to play again. :worried:


I’ll see if I can sneak Sem into costume. And yeah, I’m working hard to get it done. The change in living situation has made a world of difference even with the distraction that is baby.

Weren’t you in my beta read for three? O.o I can’t remember because everyone disappeared. :sweat:


What about another dance but spooky theme? I’d really like that. Maybe team up with Sem to make a dew pranks aounds fun. Dressing up with Kess. Playing a game with Umber ( cant rember his name the boy with the shell scales lol). Telling a diffrent scary story from your home land would be nice as well.

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Yeah I’m definitely thinking a masked ball for one of the embassies, but I can’t decide if that should be the Lu’shun Republic (Beleskie), and then the Mock Haunted house go-to Zo’den (Bree) or if the ball should be Kinawa (Ulic) and the Mock Haunted House be Lu’shun Republic. :3

Though I do like the illusion thing bei g an option for Kinawa, though I was also considering something to do with scrying games and mirrors. Just not sure what :sweat_smile:


Definitely like Lu’shun for the ball but it would be cool to see more od the different race’s. Hmm maybe scrying to find the prize in the house or cluse to get out of it?

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Oh a scavenger hunt sort of thing. That might be interesting for the scrying games; trying to find the mirror with the correct ghost in it or something. :thinking:

I’m also kinda at a loss as to what *choices to do at the masked ball, as I don’t want to tread too closely to what’s done in the dance in 2. :3

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Hmm if it’s a masked ball maybe have it to wear you have a best costume or scary to most cute type of thing. Or have a sweet treat sour trick type of candy game and see how everyone reacts .

Hurm. Not sure if there would be enough prep time for those. Because it’s DLC I’m giving it that spur of the moment feel, so it’s hey wanna go to cool thing now kinda vibe. The MC would get surprised. Plus there’s 11 embassies and you can only go to three or for of them each playthrough, so each event would need to be contained


current embassy event ideas for halloween DLC

*label norwah_embassy

Nor’wah= someone dresses up as Prothidian and everyone beats them up. (playfully)

*label tazu_embassy

Tazu Nation = Day of the Dead.

*label clan_embassy

Clan Lands = mischief night; it’s Ra’vien’s holiday and all about dressing up like demons to infiltrate the Red and put the fear of the Punisher into wrong doers. Karmic justice night. Maybe they are pumpkin carving/scarecrow making type of thing for the regular embassy?

*label solki_embassy

Solkies are straight-up summoning of the dead; perhaps talk to a ghost?

*label aralim_embassy

Aralim = ritual prayer and fasting-- the choir.

*label lubreean_embassy

Lubreean is ancestor worship and ‘feeding’ hungry ghosts; ie, getting those that linger to move on.

*label iki_embassy

Nujin-Iki = something with Native-Near Siders, maybe build little fairy houses to petition them to give you back yr shit?

*label zoden_embassy

Zo’den = Mock Haunting

Lu’shun Republic = Masked ball

*label casfeild_embassy

Casfeild = apple bobbing and apple things in general-- maybe summoning ppl from past lives who you knew? bonfire in courtyard with scary stories; pumpkin carving.

*label kinawa_embassy

Kinawa = attempt to clear up misconceptions about those who died? Summon an ancestor to ‘set the story straight’ Mirrors and scrying games-- some sort of scavenger hunt?

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