Writer wanted for game coding idea (Post-Apocalyptic Bar)


I have heard that coders are rarer than writers, so this type of post is allowed (sorry if I have misunderstood.) I had an idea for a game that I would love to design, but am already neck-deep in writing and coding my own WIP.

In my mind it would be a very simple, small-scale game - almost entirely set in one location - about someone who has survived a large-scale disaster that has destroyed civilization as we know it, and has opened a bar. This can either turn out to be the seed for a new society, a den of thieves, or just a place people get drunk.

You would be able to expand the bar in terms of basic resources (liquor, staff, square footage, building things like dance floors) as well as building relationships with potentially helpful locals, finding a reputable partner to protect your investment, good bouncers and talent, etc. All of this would be weighed against how you reacted to everyday annoyances like mutated cattle attacks, raiders, or whatever we come up with.

I would like someone to bounce ideas off of, discuss the society and concepts behind how it would progress, and then other than giving suggestions on characters, etc., the writing would be entirely up to them. (I could edit or proofread afterwards if they wanted.) I would do the coding, with input from the writer on what needs to be included.

I think I might also be able to work out a basic visual interface that would update the blueprints of the bar as it is expanded, with little icons for who you have on staff, etc.

I make no promises on how quickly this can be done, except that I will do my best - and I think it will help my main WIP get done faster if I’m not itching to make this other thing that’s lying dormant.

We’ll see if anyone is interested. It is a pretty specific idea, so you’d probably need to be a post-apocalyptic slice-of-life city-building fan to get into it. :smile:


I think I can do a Marvel Team-up in between working on my next project, whatever it may be.


Oh, I’m willing to help with this!

EDIT: I’m willing to write up a few sample scenes if you’d like me to :grin:


In all truthfulness, so can I. By my own standards that is, but isn’t everything?


Sounds interesting, and I would like to be considered as a writer. I enjoy dystopian fiction that is not to dark, so this is ideal. If it’s okay with you I could write a sample scene to see if my writing style is acceptable


Oh, this would be fun! I’m more of a write than a coder (I’m trying), so it would be beneficial to me, to see how another person does things. I also used to do a lot of RP’s when I was younger, so writing collaborations are a soft spot for me :blush:

Like Taleweaver, I’d love to give you a sample or two of my writing. Send me a message if you’d like.


I’m getting a writing major and working on my own CoG, but I’d be happy to help in between.

FYI: I was a huge fan of Tavern Tales, so I could be a real help.


It sounds like you’ve already gotten a ton of offers, but I can help too. I’ve got a good handle on how choicescript works, and I have a knack for programming in general.

Best of luck on your new project.


I’m surprised to get so many offers! Could everyone who’s interested please PM me a writing sample (if you have one lying around) and/or some ideas for what you’d like to do with this game?