Would you play this game?

i have been planning this game for some time, it is about 3 best friends 2 of them are boys and one girl. of one the boys becomes very close with the girl and begins to go out with her and then the other friend fades into the background and fallout with then, what follows is that the girl ends up getting run over and dies and then the after effects of her death is what the game is about and the choices the player makes will be vital to stop the two remaining friends that are still alive from getting depressed and eventually commiting sucide. i need more ideas for the game because this is just a rough plans and i need help in makeing it better.

It would be an interesting psycological game. I’ll bookmark this.

Idea itself is very interesting, but it will be a real pain in the back to turn it into a good novel. If you need some help with some of the parts, ideas or anything else, just ask. I will be glad to help you with it.

thanks, my idea is for this game to actually make people feel the pain of those in the story.

To answer your question honestly, I would not personally play this game as this just isn’t my cup of tea. Nevertheless don’t let that stop you if this is what you want to write about.

I could play this, but only if you elaborate on who you play as in the game. This is because you aren’t making it clear whether you are one of the friends or if you are an outside party.

if i make the game i will make it so their will be two differnt storyline for each of the friends that are still alive.

Would you get a choice for which friend you want to play as?

Would it be just “stop depression”? Or would there be choices to make it interesting? I assume yes, it just wasn’t clear whether or not it’s just stopping the suicide, or if there will be things to spice it up.

no its not just about stopping sucide you will be controlling the persons life and stopping them for also turning to drugs, becomeing an alcoholic, and i have also decided that the three friends are all going to be teenagers and in school so you decisions will also effect their grades and many other factors. you will control both of the friends who are still alive switching bewtween both of their storys, i have also decided the names of the three friends the to boys are jay and henry and the girls name is lilly now i just have to think of the sort of people i am going to make them.

*Groans* I have to affect peoples’ lives?! Crap. I’m going to need an AK47, a Death Note, and a lot of asprin.

guys i need help nameing the story, what should i name it ?!

You can name this game on so many different manners, that it is really difficult to chose only one. First thing that came up in my mind was something like “The Cruel World”. It’s not describing to much of the game, but it sure gives some hint, as for what for mood would be in the game. You can also call it something like “The xxx tragedy” and instead of xxx put a name of a place or a street.

My Thoughts exactly. If i’m going to affect people’s lives, then it damn well have extreme amounts of violence/death involved. Or at least a Death Note with plenty of gory deaths.

I think that this is one of those games that are probably better of as an interactive story/game where the game is to progress based on what the choices and picks are by the user. But that would be hard to implement considering how it would be somehow limited when you are to follow a careful tree.

Though implementing it context free would be tougher considering how a lot of considerations are to be made.

This is definitely an interesting concept, and one I would be interested in playing just for the sake of seeing how the situation is presented and handled. However, it does have the potential to be a bit tedious if the characters aren’t quite sympathetic enough. (That may be the wrong term. I mean, if the characters don’t appeal enough to the player to make him or her feel invested enough to care about how their lives are affected.)

From what you’ve said so far, I get the impression that either the player will be one of the main characters or at least taking the role of their conscience. I find that intriguing, but I’m not entirely sure whether the goal is to save them from taking the ‘wrong courses’ in life or if there would be an option.

For example, I would prefer if there was an option to do the right thing or let the character slip. Say there was an option to let the character attend a party in which there are drugs available. From there, if I let them go, I would like to see how the setting turned and then decide whether they resist or give in to the temptation to try drugs. That makes them feel more real, and gives the game more layers. Granted, that is just an on-the-spot and poorly thought out example, but hopefully it explains what I’m getting at.

Basically, I’d like an option to decide how well I steer the survivors’ lives. Ideally, the player will want to do ‘the right thing’ because the characters appeal to them enough that they care one way or the other.

@Zed We must bring a bag of potato chips to this game…

Yes we must…

yes as long as you pick the right choices you should be able to decide weather the chacters loses it and ruins his life or if he turns it around and deals with his loss and does the right thing. my main goal for this game is to make something that actually makes the player feel the pain that the character feels.

When you say loses it, do you mean start killing people?