Would you like your MC to be a Demon, a Human or something else? (working on the story)

Yes, please do! :smiley:

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Pretty sure the female term for bastard is just bastard. It’s just that the term is related to inheritance and daughters weren’t generally considered nearly as important as sons in western society throughout much of history, so it isn’t really used for women.


Ok let’s start with the dragonet since I have completely sussed it out.

There’s an explanation on Dragonets I shall explain the others as soon as I have fully figured them out :smile:


OK, time to go wild guys!

this is my explanation on the wilds :smile: two down 1 to go!

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And finally Anccient

Ok I have told you more about the new species, tell me what you think about them and feel free to ask any questions about the story whilst I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee :smile:.

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@moonwalkerdragon - instead of bold, try using quote [ quote ] [ / quote ] around your descriptions. Bold might not translate on phones that well which is why (as I understand it) bold and italiacs are not favored for choicescript games.

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Or right, I’ll do it now thank you for telling me, never done quotes before actually. Something new eh?

How long are the lifespans of the species?

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A wild depends on which species they take the form of the most, so if they took the firm of a turtle most often then they would live the same lifespan. But as they mostly live as humans there longest lifespan is roughly 0-90 years.

Dragonets can live for an extremely long time, nearly as long as a vampire But there are complications which can shorten their life. They can get scale rot which can seriously effect their growth in their later years, there are no cures for it meaning that they can die from it. So I would say 0-230 is their longest, closing in on vampires who live 0-6,500.

Anccients are well, ancient so they can live through mostly anything but unfortunately they are far less imune to diseases than any other species. So I would say an Anccient with me medical issues would live 0-4,900, but some say they can live longer because they are not originally from this world, but vampires are still the oldest of recorded species.

If you are wondering why I mention vampires in this to compare to, it’s because they play a key role in the Under-Layer.

In lighter news, there are officially six ROs now and here they are:

  • Ludio
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16+
    Personality: calm, easy going, strong in combat when necessary, hates Alice.
    Species: Demon (normal)

Gender: neutral
Age: ???
Personality: funny, flexible, the class clown, always tries to get Voilet to laugh, can get a bit too annoying, BF of Jaime.
Species: Slime monster (green: life powered)

Gender: female
Age: 17
Personality: rude, handy with a gun, loves to cause unnecessary arguments, despises Ludio.
Species: Demon (dream)

Gender: Female
Age: 350 (Anccient years: 16)
Personality: smart, always sees the scientific side of things, revises hard, always pushing away Slick.
Species: Anccient

Gender: Male
Age: 15
Personality: energetic, bit of a flirt, loves scares people with his morphing skills, enjoys pranking with his BF Slick.
Species: Wild

EDIT: sorry forgot one, my mistake :wink:

Gender: Fenale/Male
Personality: reserved, laidback, complains about being a ghost, never holds back in a debate, finds the MC “curious”.
Species: Phampton

These are all the ROs, you will not meet all of them until Chapter three so don’t get your hopes up :smile:.
P.S I will probably be updating this post a lot, so if anything new crops up its just the author being picky :thumbsup:.

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I presume Wilds can’t take on the form of other magical species for obvious reasons, but what is the in-game explanation for this?

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It’s not the fact that Wilds can’t, it’s just that they won’t because a) they are too young to take on something that structurally different which could cause difficulties mentally and physically (this only applies to children and teens who lack experience) and b) it could cause a lot of trouble politics wise. For example, if half the population if Wilds took the form of Dragonets people would start trying to ahem breed with them. This will cause a mixed species to be born meaning that they can neither belong in a Wild society nor a Dragons, meaning that a large amount of homeless creatures roaming around without a leash which could cause an uprising.
Also they also have there rules, which ban any forms of magical beings to avoid lots of trouble with the higher races, but are still allowed to take on the forms of mythical beasts and such. But some still go against them to spy on enemies of the Wilds and such, so you could say that Wilds are the most politically dangerous species recorded.

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My main play-through will definitely be with a Wild then. :grin:

Does that mean hybrids aren’t tolerated? What does that mean for dhampirs?

What are the higher races? Are they the humanoids, or…?

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Depends on the hybrid, for instance the main bad guys are the Drevlves which are Dragonets crossed with elves, so certainly not allowed in the society. Dhampires and different coloured slimes are the only exception of hybrids since slime colours only mark their powers and Dhampires, since they are more vampire than human and are slowly transforming into a vampire, But sometimes there have been reports of Dhampires being slaughtered because of their status.But no, only certain mixed species aren’t allowed, this is why there are so many people bullying the MC at the “beast school” they go to

The higher races are Anccients, vampires, demons, Phamptons, and minotaurs…which reminds me I forgot to put in an RO option, how stupid of me :sweat_smile:. But anyway , I think that most races are high in their own right, but I can defiantly say that humans are the strongest race on the Top-Layer (well, not underground anyway) and there is one God that all creatures respect, and that is Anubis the Egyptian God of death so most do not challenge his authority not even his fellow gods.

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Ok guys, got problems when it comes to romance, like “how the hell do I flirt with this RO” problems :sweat_smile:. The truth is I haven’t actually managed to figure out the silly flirting is going to go, so if anyone could give me a few pointers I would be grateful :smile:.

Ok, I know this topic has gone down a bit, but I am still replying on this thread which is going to seem pointless soon but oh well. So yeah, the name of the game if I haven’t brought it up before is called Beast High: Origins kinda lame but oh well I’m just sailing with it for now. MWD finished with the daily update report.

You could make a WIP topic for your game. :slight_smile:

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Good idea, think I’ll do that.


Honestly I enjoy games where I am not human because it brings diversity. Everything goes but if you want to know what I would really like to experience it is to be an Android. This is since the Pathfinder Adventure Path Iron Gods. Sadly this ones are not really represent anymore.

I feel like many people like to play human because they can identify as the character in the story. I actually prefer to play as other races and make my own OC. I would love to have an option to be a demon or even a dragon just because it’s something exciting to create and play as like…you’re a DRAGON.

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