Would you like your MC to be a Demon, a Human or something else? (working on the story)

Ok, just to say that there is ONE DAY left to vote. Now I know that sounds harsh but I really need to continue with my story and I have had to stop it since of this voting, so if @UmbraLamia could close it after one day I would be grateful.

Will do, hope I don’t forget XD

The results look like they’re gonna be interesting, though…

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Your telling me, didn’t even think that the ones I made up would be THAT popular :sweat_smile:

How many options are there going to be?

There are going to be four beast options and a human option.

OK everyone, I am sorry to say that the voting is now closed, so @UmbraLamia could you please close the poll.

Will we be able to use magic as a human?

Yes, but not at the same skill level as a beast could perform them. since as far as humans are concerned, a human with magic is the rarest gift of all and even pocessing a little bit is rare. So yes you will be able to perform magic.

ok as a wild will i be able to turn in to magical creature as well like dragons and mythical creatures or only like wolves and such.

The MC wild will only be able to turn into wolves and such since they are not strong enough to transform into a dragon and mythical beasts Yet , but they can still understand them (like a Dragonet can with dragons) since they are not using magic to do so.
Oh and adding on the choices are this:

  • Dhampire (half vampire)
  • Dragonet
  • Wild
  • Anccient
  • human (was already an option)
    each has their own skills and cultures, but may I just remind you all that it is only certain points in the game that you will become the beast. I was just letting you know so you don’t get your hopes up :smile:
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It might just be me, but isn’t ancient spelled with one c?

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yes it is, it was just so I didn’t get confused with the writing since it didn’t make much sense to have it like:
“ancient Ancient”
so it became this:
“ancient Anccient”
its just that way so the reader (and mostly me) didn’t become confused, and to avoid people telling me about repeated words.

I’d think the capitalization should make the difference clear enough, but that might just be me.

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well it may be, but I have to consider other people who may miss the capitalization

Here’s some information about my story.
-It takes place in two worlds, both with their own issues.
-power struggle between humans and demons, which the MC is stuck in the middle of.
-Family are deceiving and keep away a lot of knowledge from the MCs history.
-4 confirmed RO options, and may be some more to come (probably what
everyone was wondering.
-secret Agency called F.A.D.E
-16 different types of monster.
This about sums up half of my planning so please do ask questions or state opinions about the game so far.


Demons are a bit overdone at this point I think but maybe something less commonly used like ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm a dryad (or general spirit of nature thing) and stuff like that which you don’t often see as protagonists.

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Did I say what sort of demon? :wink:

Aha you clever bastard (or female equivalent) so not your standard spawned from hell/fallen angels demons? Can you give me a hint as to what kind of demons you’re considering?

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Well, I was thinking something like “animal” type demon instead of your Bob standard hell with the sharp sticks kind of thing this is based on a humans soul by the way (with exception of one character which was born as a demon.) so for starters I have a dog demon, a snake demon and a goat demon.
I have also got plans for ghost demons as well which were once humans with a bad soul. E.g a pale white creature with no eyes and has the power to turn someone inside out.
This is just some of my plans and will tell you more when I have more charge :smile:

EDIT: ok let’s continue shall we. Ok so like I said before there are animal type demons and ghost type demons (also the normal ones) there is finally the “reborn” demons. Reborn Demons are people who have either seen or subjected to demonic magic which can only affect full humans (elves and fae). It effects them by gradually turns the person affect into a demon ‘child’ with a heart full of dark intentions hence making them reborn.

There will be other monsters too I promise and hopefully you enjoyed an explanation on the demons I’m using in the story.

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Ok here’s a question from the author: would you like me to explain the monsters that were chosen in more depth? Because I understand that it is confusing when new species are introduced to the world of COG, and more than willing to answer questions about the game…I’m an open book :smile:!