Making a game where you play as a support character in a D&D world?

Is anyone making a game where you don’t play as the main character but a support character, set in a D&D world. Like a sidekick, merchant, or someone who doesn’t have the storyline revolve around them. Instead they play the either moral or emotional support to the MC?


Hmm… so a heroic-fantasy story of D&D medieval-fantasy as a normal dude? :thinking:

There’re actually several ideas and suggestions being thrown around about playing as a non-all-powerful MC, but I’m yet to see anyone writing/making it :sweat_smile:

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There is one wip that is doing that.

Rly? :fearful:

I don’t remember any. :thinking: What is it?

Auralites is the story where you help the chosen one.


We’re actually not really “helping” the chosen one on that one.

Wdym it seems like your helping the chosen one after a read through. Though we may dislike it doing it. Also I thought you were doing a story like that.

Well, I’ve heard read somewhere that the author @seabean mentioned if you can go through the “dark” path :thinking:

Huhu, someone asking about my story :hugs:
Actually, my story is more towards action-adventure genre, just like your good 'ol CYOA books.

Oh. I am a little sadden to hear that.

Actually, some CoG books already has hero and sidekick roles, just pick the path you want, if you want to go solo or pick someone to follow so it is more like, you are MC and you pick if you want to be a lap dog or the hero, (am I making sense?) .

@Szaal yeah, it depends on the path you take but potentially the MC does assist the ‘chosen one’. Either way they’re a main character but not the most important.

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I have an idea for something like that, but it is a deconstruction, so the chosen one is not really chosen.
I am not currently working on it, but it’s on my list of stories I’ll write, either as games, comics or just stories.

There was Tavern Tales a while back where you played as the innkeeper and possible quest giver in a fantasy world, if that’s what people were thinking of… Not sure if that’s still happening though.

If you play as Nodwick, make sure you can Romance Piffany. :slight_smile:

Isn’t that in Tally Ho… we are acting as “support character” ? We are actually helping and supporting Rory’s family by arranging everything … we are even asked to support the marriage of Mopsie and Frigs…yikes :frowning: and of of course we are required to help and support Haze in whatever means we deem fit :wink:

@Gower … i think you already have great experience in creating a support character , why don’t you make your next story set in fantasy world ? :slight_smile:

set in the Dungeons and Dragons world ? perhaps our main character is a disciple of Mystra, Goddess of All- Magic in Forgotten Realms … trying to resurrect her after she had been murdered by Cyric?