My character as support?

Hey guys, I been a lurker here for a while, and never writes anything and I wanted to give you all my virginity in writing a topic to ask if any of you know a game or even a work in progress about working as support for the protagonist? I mean like you are not necessarily fighting but you make it possible for the hero to do so or you are a party mem in the hero’s party, something along the lines of the story is not about you but about that other guy (or gal).

I’m making a list of the proposed games, in no particular order.
Dragon rider
A study in steam punk
Zombies exodus
Eagles heir
Tally ho
The great tournament
Library of Alexandria
Community college hero
Wayhaven chronicles

Keeper of the sun and moon
A hag called fate

Loren the Amazon princess

Light novel
“Is it hard to be a best friend?”,


You can kinda do that in Dragon Rider. Instead of running into the game as a hero you’re… well, a stable hand.

The best example I can probably think of is A Study in Steampunk, where you essentially play Watson to the story’s Holmes. Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven also works depending on how you play — you can either lead or play as a follower to another character or two.

I haven’t finished it yet but so far Keeper of the Sun and Moon is playing out similarly in my case? That might just be how I’m playing though since it’s quite clear MC is important in some capacity. That, and there isn’t really another designated protagonist.

Edit: Forgot to mention Eagle’s Heir and Tally Ho (sort of). In both games the story revolves around another character but you can go completely off the rails (in Tally Ho especially).


Oh yes, Keeper of the Sun and Moon is another good example becuase you can actually build your character as A regular ol’ human with a touch of magic, stuck in a world of absolute monsters

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Oh, The Great Tournament! The story is literally about playing as a Knights Squire.

Though you come into your own as a knight for the meatier part of the story. I think Library of Alexandria?

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From the sounds of it you mean to make a COG in the vain of something like “Is it hard to be a best friend?”, think that’s its name.

Where the ‘MCs’ existence is to support the real MC wether that be through being their emotional and mental support or just being someone who tanks shots or something while they get the glory kills. A side character the impressive stereotypical hero type.

And if that is the case I personally haven’t read any COGs that do that.

Though I do really enjoy stories where you’d like a support character, they are interesting.

For instance in the before mentioned light novel the main character is actually quite smart and what not and quite talented. But he hates being in the spot light, so he becomes the “Main characters” comedic relief best friend, and tries to ship him with his harem.

He even tries to avoid simply viewing the main character fighting as to not fuck up accidentally get spotted, which would elevate him from goofy best friend side character to an important part of the “story”.

Good read.

And if you were to do something similar I would very much enjoy that.

The Community College Hero series can be played this way. There are a few dominant members off the group that vie for control, and you can side with them, choosing just to be a normal (hah) member of the group.

The Wayhaven Chronicles also offer a version of this, as the MC is a normal human amidst supernatural beings. You can play a role of your own, but the heavy lifting isn’t within your capacity.

However, even these stories don’t necessarily have designated protagonist (the roles for this can be contested) for the MC to support. So it would definitely be interesting to play a dedicated Supporting Protagonist who revolves around a partcular character.

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I’m surprised noone mentioned Tally Ho! The MC is just a servant there whose role is to support Rory.

Also not CoG/HG but if you like visual novels then I would recommend to give a try to Loren the Amazon Princess. The protagonist is a slave belonging to Loren.

These are what quickly jump to my mind atm.


Tally Ho and The Eagle’s Heir come to my mind.

In Tally Ho you played as the valet to Rory, a nobleman/woman and your main role is to take care of your master/mistress but you can go on your own as well. Think of Jeeves in PG Wodehouse’s series.

In The Eagle’s Heir, you played as the best friend and body guard of the Emperor’s bastard son. You can help him rise to the throne or not.


Ah, I’d forgotten Loren Amazon Princess. Loren definitely had the chosen hero thing down, and it’s a valid point a hero’s friend should have a part in shaping world events. Only trouble was, the hero’s servant could go on various side quests with characters and get stronger than Loren, though I grinded up her level to compensate.

Ehhhh I dunno if that reaaaaly coooounts?

Since you are definitely supporting them but I don’t know if I would consider Rory an MC.

Like perspectives were swapped Rory wouldn’t fit the typical MC role I don’t thinks.

The MC in tally ho feels like an MC
I don’t know what the fuck I’m saying or how to explain it.
But I wanna keep this comment here.
I dunno.

Don’t forget Great Tournament 2 , MC could be a support and counsel for Queen Hannah to rule her Kingdom , in fact MC is the greatest and most loyal supporting character there as he lead war and diplomatic expedition for the love of his wife the Queen :-):blush:

I have always wanted to play a game like this. This is an idea thay really intigues me. But unfortunately I have not been able to find anything like this yet.

I mean, not sure if this counts or if the W.I.P is still being worked on, but there’s “A hag called Fate”. As I said it’s a Wip and Idk if it’s active but you play as a support for the villain, and it was quite good from what I recall.

If we separate the main character and protagonist as the “point of view” and the “driving force” respectively, then Tally Ho! is probably the best example.

Without Rory there wouldn’t be a story to tell since almost everything revolves around their actions.

Not sure what you consider the “typical MC role” but I’m gonna leave it at that because I don’t want to derail this into a discussion about Tally Ho! :man_shrugging:


Wow, this has got some nice responses thanks guys keep them coming. :smiley:

I always like to keep an eye on games of this style, since I love supporting character protagonists. I think it gives a unique perspective on the hero’s journey. It has a lot of potential.

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