Referencing CoG's in Your Own Story

I’m pretty sure I saw a topic regarding this but I don’t remember what it said and if that’s frowned on and I also can’t find it. I’ve tried smh. But I was wondering if it was indeed, frowned upon.

I kinda wanted to include a reference to Versus, just something that pops up in dialogue where they talk about the planet, but that’s it. But I’m not sure if that’s actually ‘allowed’ I guess.

That sounds like a question to ask the author of Versus. I think Zombien referenced Zombie Exodus and it was alright because Zombien’s author asked Zombie Exodus’s author beforehand.


Yupz. It’ll be better if you ask the author. I personally don’t know who is Versus author, but perhaps someone below me can tell us.

Don’t be sweaty and nervous to do some references, tho. Even video games has a lot of easter egg about other games.

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Versus is by Zach Sergi–he’s on Twitter and Facebook, with accounts for both his Versus and Heroes Rise series, and that’d probably be the best way to get ahold of him.

I assume to some extent it’ll depend on what exactly the reference is? There’s nodding to other games and then there’s more or less implying they’re in the same universe. I can’t speak for the author, but I figure you’ll wanna be specific as to what exactly you’re asking for


If you mean like using a character/ key object or plot thingymabob, it’s probably best not to, even if you get permission really as it should be your game and maybe if you’d like add subtle/ small references?
In Monsters the WiP I think there’s a part where you play a CoG game (or a text based game at least) and an NPC comments on it for about a paragraph, however I don’t think it referenced any specific game and the reference was added because he wanted to, not to further the plot or something.

If you want to reference a specific game you better get permission from the author and know what the reference is and why, but generally if it’s for humour or a tension break and you ask the author I don’t think you’ll have a problem.

In this case, you can just send the author a message on his facebook or twitter (on twitter he’s just @zacharysergi)

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Personally, I have asked a few authors if I can reference some of their works in mine (nothing too big. Maybe a surprise character cameo or an achievement, etc.). People like doing references a lot of times but it is always best to ask permission from the authors as well.

There is also a difference between making references and blatantly using someone’s work.


Thanks for telling me! :grin: And it was just going to be a simple nod, like a sentence like . . . “Stop bragging on yourself, it’s not like you’re a survivor from Versus or something.” But no surprise cameo or anything, just a mention.

But I shall ask! Thanks again!