Can I add references in my story?

OK. You all read it. I love to see Easter eggs in the game. For example, in Hitman Absolution, it has newspapers about the events in Blood Money. Another example is in Payday: the heist, the heist No Mercy directly referenced William Bill Overbeck (!!) and the Witch in L4D2. I love it to see stuff like this.

So can I do that too? One guy in my story said that he wanted to be a lord and manage a small village called: “Redmaple”. And the main character (you) corrected it to “Redwood”. Another guy said he did not want a dragon to come down swooping after defeating a strong mage. (Can you get these two references??? :smile: ) It is just I am afraid the bloody violation issues prevents it from happening and I need to proofread my whole script again lol.


Shoutouts are usually fine, but make sure they make sense in context I’d say.

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One thing to note, if you can keep a master list of them to send to me when/if you submit your game to HG, that really makes things a lot easier on me (and means there’s less likely to be a hold up in the content review because I won’t have to search down every reference in the game myself).


If easter eggs weren’t a thing, I’m pretty stuffs like Ready Player One wouldn’t even exist

Just be subtle about it. Don’t have any part of the story depend too greatly on the player knowing and liking the easter egg too much

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After some work and thought, I think the script is pretty subtle, so…I guess it is good. Thanks guys! Big hugs to you all! :heart: :heart:

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