Would you like your MC to be a Demon, a Human or something else? (working on the story)


hey, I was just wondering what would be the better species to play as in a COG game since there aren’t really many choices to play as another species in these games so I was thinking that this topic will (hopefully) give some authors an idea of what the audience would like to play as, or maybe just general opinions.
P.S I’ve just recently edited this to let you guys know that I’m going to try and write a book in the future and this forum is going to be a big help for me since i also get an audience prospective as well as an authors so don’t worry about inputting ideas about how the races act towards each other.

MC character, monster choices

The first true sentient AI where you are given the freedom to learn and explore human society from the perspective of an outsider. One possibility is that you are a prototype and your creator completed your code just before dying of natural causes. One of the research assistants whisked you away knowing that an AI could be terribly abused. The endgame comes when the other research assistant(s), having far less scruples, managed to sell your code to the government. Predictably this does not end well. As the unfettered prototype do you stand up and protect humanity from your wayward younger siblings or do you subdue them and take over? Do you do the latter to achieve the former? Or have you discovered a means to digitize human consciousness into a form that can live on as an AI like you? Welcome to the Technological Singularity say your supporters. It is the end of true humanity, argue your opponents.

Another fun possibility is to play a fish out of water scenario where the MC is some sort of mystical being like a fae, a nature spirit or whatnot. Awoken from imprisonment or slumber, how does the MC relate to or even survive a world in which the MC has zero experience in being?


Really enjoyed a dragons perspective in C of Dragon.

Personally I’d enjoy playing as a goblin around other goblins to be fascinating.

Equally you could have a lot of fun as a god.


I normally don’t like being a dragon or a robot. I like being a humanoid creature because I play with charisma and subtlety. A dragon can’t be believable interaction as a main protagonist. I love choice of dragons but I can’t connect with the character at all. A demon, and other origins are great always that they could work in a society, have a romance and relationships like a person.


I really like to play as a different species, there are already so many games where you play as a (genderlocked) human. For instance in Mass Effect I would’ve liked to be able to play as an alien, at least Dragon Age offers the option to play as an Elf, Dwarf or Qunari. For CoG games I would like to play ‘the other side’ as it where. Like when there is a conflict/situation between humans and another species, I’d like to play as one from the other species. Or maybe play as a shapeshifter and pick whatever creature you want to play as. I think it all depends on the genre, aliens and robots are more common in Sci-fi while Elves and Demons are more commonly found in a fantasy setting.


I like games where you can chose your species from, say, five options or something.


@moonwalkerdragon Changed the title for you , as the grammar used bugged me :wink:

As for the question , yes I would appreciate having multiple races to choose from when creating my main characther in a game , with my favourite “race” for a MC being the Elvish one. (Pointy ears best ears)


It’s an interesting idea, thogh kind of hard to make viable in some ways - some such beings would realistically speaking be so different from a humanoid that the veer into Blue and Orange morality territory and thus, such a PC could be difficult to relate to, maybe… Also, in most settings, some such beings such as gods or demons have a great deal of power (often on different levels too, such as demigods, lesser gods, greater gods and the like), which would mean the PC would either have to be restricted to interacting mostly with other of his/her kind - a god would have to interact with other gods and goddesses and battle demons, cthulhu-ish abominations and evil gods; that sort of thing - or, if such as PC moved about among and interacted with humans, he/she/it would be limited in when, how and/or how often he/she/it could use his/her/it’s power - like, if the PC was a god, then he/she would be limited to something like only a few instances of direct divine intervention in the form of miracles and the like - for the rest of it the god PC would be limited to only subtly/distantly influence things, through pawns, followers and the like…


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Others may find it boring, but I personally enjoy playing an ordinary human most of all - or a human with special capabilities. I like being a normal person who gets thrust into a new, different world.


A shape shifting jungle alien that pretends to be primitive giant reptillian/feline (look up thanator for example) because life is too complicated with technology.

A human comes to its planet to study wildlife and chaos ensues.


It depends on the story and how it is written.

Another perspective would be something I enjoyed as long as I could relate to it somehow. @Snoe 's jungle alien might not be something that I could; an alien with a reptilian perspective just feels too remote from me as a reader/gamer to relate to.

Some “Race” species like “Demons” hold a historical qualities to them that defines them: pagan demons, Christian demons, Islamic demons and others should all be written differently.

If the author uses different species to highlight specific issues a story could incorporate them quite well but it all boils down to the author’s writing ability.


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well, I think that it would be great if authors would give a multi-race options then the user could have a wide variety of side quests and it could really give the book many ways of playing. or like @blackrising said could be a human with special capabilities e.g. uncalculated healing abilities (my personal favourite) and possible a cross-species which could make the character feel like a outcast giving a whole new edge to the story but it could be WAY too complicated.


what if the demons and gods could work together? then the reader COULD have the option for romance with a demon and a god. later on into the story there could be war that drives the races away from each other (sorry I’m replying like this, I can’t figure out how to reply them all in one go)


i like to play demons half-demons demigod or rather anything that has the potential to be absudly op in the end of the game when you master your powers that kind of thing.


I want a MC that I can relate to and I want to choose the MC’s personality and actions. I like humans the most, but a game where MC is a werewolf and has to hide every full moon lest they kill their friends and family would be interesting. It would be hard trying to form relations with people of you’re always worried about hurting them.

I don’t want to play as a demon, god or something evil. I don’t like games with cultures, racism, sexism, or religion forced on the MC. If I can’t define the MC, the world seems illogical in a serous game, the game is sad, or I have no idea what’s going on -I won’t like the game.

I also I have difficulties relating to a creature MC of the game doesn’t say how tall or big MC is and how they look.


I want to be a pair of sentient yoga pants. :smirk:


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