Would you like your MC to be a Demon, a Human or something else? (working on the story)

But if I had to pick something seriously I would have to say a dragon. I know it’s been done once but they are my favorite and I would like to see more.

If I had a choice i 'd like to be a lion or tiger or something

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Has a ghost been done? That might be interesting.


Okay, so if I had a choice, I’d prefer something humanoid or has a humanoid form.

This next part doesn’t really matter but I do prefer something mammalian. Easier to relate to.

But if the author makes other types work, then good job!

Choice of the Planet of the Apes


ok, reading through I guess that the top choices are elves, dragon, human(oid), demon or god but I think that if there was a choice in the game to change species would be great but that’s probably never going to happen. Maybe when i have more free time i can see if i can get all these ideas but I’m not guaranteeing i will be able to write the story because i need to download the software script, find a co-author, plan out the story and get my head around the coding and all that. but if i do come up with any possible ideas i’ll write them down in this forum but for now on keep the suggestions coming!

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I’d also like to play as a slime monster because all of the slime monster COGs are pretty good.

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Well, as long as that doesn’t end like in Garth Ennis’s ‘Preacher’ that could be kind of interesting indeed XD .

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Well, I really don’t care. It depends on the person’s writing.

If I had to choose though, I’d like a species extremely intelligent, that they are known for their intelligence.

Of course, if the character has arrogance to make characters like Cassius or Vistelaz seem humble, then it’s definitely my jam.

Changed the title for you, as the grammar used bugged me :wink:.

As for the question, yes I would appreciate having multiple races to choose from when creating my main characther in a game, with my favourite “race” for a MC being the Elvish one. (Pointy ears = best ears)

LOL, you had some extra spaces and some of the words were spelled wrong. :wink:

I love demons. My nickname is Demon. I am not evil.

My forum name as @Goddess, so I’m pretty sure that speaks for itself. WINK, WINK!!! :smile: :smile:


I like Demons too, but before I write the story I need to put the audience and writing before the authors needs so that’s why I put up this topic to get an idea.

God damnit the irony is real :laughing:

In my defense , I was quickly typing on my phone , so cut me some slack :sweat_smile:


ok, so now I have come up with a good idea but the reason I only put it up now was because my computer crashed and feel free to comment on it.

life in your home town of (unnamed) was hard since many people in your village feared you because of your race (Elf, Demon, Humanoid, werewolf or fairy/fae separate paths for each race) this caused you to feel like an outcast since you never truly new where you came from since 16 years ago you had been dumped on a strangers doorstep in the mid-winter like you never really mattered to your true family. you were the only non-human in the village which made you feel like a freak. But when you saved a stranger from a group of bandits and that was when your luck had changed, you just saved the headmistress of the dawnsford university (still working on the name.)

I know its vague but its about a person who felt like an outcast in there home town (unnamed) and has no idea where she/he/neutral has come from. but their luck changes when they are picked to go to a exclusive school. but I have no idea if its going to work out and besides its going to be really hard to write since I still need to find a co-author who knows how to code, download the choice script and some free time so this is going to basically going to be an impossible thing to write but here’s hoping.

so does anyone like my story idea or does it need improving?

Hi, I’ve read your idea and you did ask for feedback, so here it goes.

Your idea could use a little shaking up. You have a lot of fairly overdone fantasy tropes here, and you haven’t really talked about how you’re going to overturn or subvert them.

A teenaged orphan with a mysterious past who was dumped on the doorstep of a stranger (presumably in a wicker basket with a cryptic note attached) who has to leave his/her rustic village to go to magic university?

If this is satire, your opening is completely on point, but if not you’re in trouble.

I would suggest you go back to formula and try to talk about how your story will be different from accepted fantasy tropes, rather than which ones you want to embrace.

Maybe take a look at threads like this:

To get an idea for how to switch things up in your own story, all of those ideas are informally agreed to be free-use ideas, and you have my permission to use any of mine.

If you want any idea-help at all, feel free to PM me or just ask here, as you will soon learn I have a pathological inability to withhold my opinion, so that’s my problem.


ok thanks, and I guess I could tone it down a bit and make it much less complicated. I can’t say for certain that this is my main idea since I’m sort of throwing ideas around at the moment but the monster university bit is staying since I’ve already got a basic background for it and I don’t want to change it, but I am still working on it so I can defiantly say the idea’s going to evolve and I am almost sure that I’m going to keep the multi-race option since I haven’t heard of many games that offer that so it will give the readers a wider choice of gameplay, meaning different storylines and endless possibilities and THATS what I’m offering in my story so far. another great bonus in this is that I could possible put in different side-quest for each species which can lead to different outcomes.
(think I’ve made it far too complicated for myself haven’t I…)
if I could I would share one of my plans for this story I plan to write, but I can’t figure out how to since its on a Word document and I have no idea how to link it (T-T) but it is a draft so it isn’t very good at all but hey, I gave it a go so if someone could please tell if I can link word documents onto this forum I would be eternally grateful.

The issue isn’t complexity, the issue is that its not complex enough.

You haven’t wandered far enough away from the basics to make it your own material.

Your big thing is the multiple races thing, right?

So why aren’t you inventing your own races? You’re writing fantasy, making things up is the whole point.

Elf: Bit basic. How are they different from Tolkien’s Elves? What are you adding to the story? Demon? Too obvious and played out. Humanoid? All of these races are humanoid, that word means nothing. Werewolf? What are you adding to that trope? Why not invent a new kind of being with impulse control? That’s all werewolves are, anyway. People with poor impulse control. Fairies? If you’re six inches tall then you’ve got a funny story, otherwise meh.

Well the whole thing leaves me a little cold, to be honest. If you took a little time to go back to the tropes and mix them up a little you would have an interesting story on your hands.

How about I give you an example?

Take your garden-variety Elf. Tall, pretty, ages well, fetching pointy ears, likes to hang out at the park. That’s what you picture when someone says ‘Elf’, right? So change it up.

Instead of pretty people who are big into trees, how about pretty people who are trees? Sentient wooden beings with antlers, flowers for hair and a slower pace compared to the other races. They would have long lives (because they’re trees) but slow, purposeful thoughts and movements.

Boom. Kept the key components of the word ‘Elf’ but changed the whole character type in such a way that you can tell new stories with them.


you see that was my original idea but I had to put it on hold because people would criticize me too much so here WAS one my ideas:
**Novalien: a species that has the unusual ability to talk to fire, it is identified by the smoke that floats above its head and the silver fire which hides behind their red eyes **
pretty bad but to me it was unique, then when I showed what I had written she said that it was way too weird and stick to the normal mythical species.


Well I don’t know who ‘she’ was but greater levels of originality are always welcome in fantasy. As previously stated in this genre making things up is kinda the whole point.

Your ideas might well need work, but you should take the time to work on them, rather than abandoning them.

If you wish to go for the middle ground, then do what I just did with the Elves to all the other ‘races’ you want to talk about and use them to tell new stories that are different to what came before.

Also, don’t disparage your own ideas, nobody’s ideas come out fully-formed. You should spend a little time with your ideas, figure out how they work and how to ensure they make sense in your story.

If you want to write about a race that has a special relationship with fire, then try to think about how their society works beyond just “they like fire a bunch”. Give them a backstory, a mythology, a history. Who’s in charge, how do they govern themselves. Eventually you’ll realise that the thing you originally thought was the important thing about your idea (the fire in this case) was only one small part of a big, interesting race of people.

EDIT: You know what? I just remembered something that really helps me when I’m trying to come up with new ideas.

See, I look for pictures made by other people and I make up my own stories about what’s happening in them.

For example, what do you see when you look at this picture?

What’s happening here? What is the hand? Who are the people around it? What happened to this place to make it a desert?

Or this one:

What are those woolly animals doing in the desert? Who lives in those cabins? What kind of people would travel like this? How would they get food and water?

If you can answer these questions, then you’ve got a story right there.

These pictures may not have any relation to the story that you want to write, but they are evocative, aren’t they? Look on sites like deviantart and whatnot for pictures that really tell you a story, then use them to think about the kind of story you’d like to tell.

Artists are creative folk, they think outside the box on these things.


I don’t think I’ve seen humanoid plants in a game yet. I could pet the werewolves without fear.