Beast High: Origins (very young WIP)


Ok so this is my new thread for my new story which unfortunately has not been coded yet since my friend has not started coding yet, which is good in a way since I can talk a bit about my story to whoever is reading this thread (but if anyone would like to see the 1st chapter in is word document format, either PM or say so on this thread) :smile:.

What would you expect a teenager to do when they go to high school?
-learn magic?
-Befriend monsters from your nightmares?
-Run away from a secret society controlled by powerful people?
-Try and not get killed within the first week?
This is what happens to the MC when they (ironically) walks the long way around to their slowly falling apart school. It started with an unexpected attack, then a new teacher put their classmates in some sort of trance, then their parents are a part of a secret society called F.A.D.E and this all happens in the same day! When things could not get any worse, they seem to be part monster! What is the MC going to do?
-6 RO options.
-3 conspiracies want to kill everyone in the school.
-NOT the main main character (still a main character, just not the key main character if you catch my drift)

I haven’t intentionally tried to leak too much information, but it basically sums everything I’ve got so far and as soon as I figure out how to make a link to my old thread, I shall do so since it explains the ROs and some monster information on it. So any thoughts or questions so far :smile:?

You will have to scroll up to roughly post 96 or something like that to view the whole convesation explaining the story plot. Sorry, I know it isn’t helpful but I tried my beast :relaxed:.

Recently Added: I am for now on going to dedicate this book to my friend, who has unfortunately has recently been diagnosed with cancer :cry:. So this is dedicated to her, and I’m sure that her whole family and many of her friends are wishing for her to get better soon. So please hang in there, my amigo, like you did when we took on those footballers :smile:.
- Your mate Dragshie :soccer:


it sounds super cool! would the MC have the option to be a “monster” as well? And with the magical education, is it just straightforward spells, or will there be different “schools” of magic (ie light magic, dark magic, etc).

ALSO: I would be careful with this one because there are other stories out right now that have somewhat similar plot lines. It sounds like you have a lot of the plot figured out, but just be careful to not copy from anyone else’s.


Well, I have to say that this idea is simple for some to write, so there is no wonder why this is a “hot topic” at the moment. And also because I had already planned this for ages and here’s a hint, its not all magic and fantasy, there’s also Si-Fi and I am aiming for cyberpunk as well :wink:.

And No, the MC is only a monster for certain parts in the story and the reason is…Well…secret. The MC can only do the very basic magic spells since humans are considered the magically weakest creatures known. And it is only one school that the MC can go to, since humans are banned from all other schools in the Under-Layer (translated as the monster realm in other countries) hope this answers your question.


Are we a monster in it or human


imagine the option of choosing both
and you could use some of the monsters from Unnatural if that could spice it up
maybe even put monsters of other times like Greek, Romanian, Egypt so on than their could be a lot of plot to the story and plenty of drama, conflict, action, romance heck maybe even some added magic who knows it could be thought as a secret power that few monsters can have

and if you did get a chance to make the mc possible to be human it could be like a human that is outcasted in a way by his or her fellow humans and was sent their but also their are lots of monsters that have human features such as a succubus which is like a female human/witch that consumes male souls of course thats what some people make them up to be is a monster that eats men

I always have ideas of course, but no one asks me for my opinion specifically so I choose to stay silent and just read other peoples comments


You can choose.
:smile_cat: (min. amount of characters)


Cant wait too see your demo sounds fun​:+1::smiley:


@The_Chosen_Plump I have added in Anubis who is an Egyptian God, Hercules a Greek god, Guan Yin a Chinese God but I am thinking of only having Anubis and Hercules since I can picture them better together as rivals than I can with Guan Yin.

And the human is an outcast in both worlds for being a ‘mixed race’ which is explained in my last thread what exactly it means. The Demons have three categories 1) standard 2) animal 3) dream just so there are a wider variety of Omni’s as possible, this is also explained my last thread…I did a lot of explaining in my last thread to be honest :sweat_smile:. As for the magic, Anccients are the only species who can cast ancient magical/ long lost magic and A wild unlocks their full abilities when they are either well trained or have reached the age of 20 and its only a skill they can have, Demons are the only ones who can use dream magic, but the the only type who can master it are the dream demons.

@Harley_Robin_Evans you can choose to be a monster or a human, the monster choices are as follows: Dragons, Wild, Anccient and Dhampire you also have the choice of a human if you want.

I have further plans in the story but I am going to flip when it comes to the romance which I can simply not write. Oh well, ye better have the luck of the leprechauns :four_leaf_clover:


This sounds awesome, but what kind of monsters will there be in this?


Oh God, where to begin, better sit down guys we are going to be here a while :sweat_smile:.

demon, Angel, Minotour, centaur, fae, werewolves, wolven, Dragonets, Wild, Anccient, Ghosts and Phamptons, fawns, dragons, slime monsters, elves, Drelves, pixies, vampires, were-jaguar, Griffin, wyvern, half hawks.

That’s hopefully all of them, if there’s more well…I think I’ll leave them out :sweat_smile:.


The moment i saw i can be a dragon i was yayyyyy


You also get be a Dragonet at the beginning, which is a Dragon hybrid sort of thing.


Can we be first ever hybred vampire and werewolf mixed


Nope, only half human, half Vampire/ werewolf combination because the MC has lived in a human society and looks like a human and such. But you will meet hybrids of species in the game e.g goblin and vampire hybrid which I’m curious and excited to write about.

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This seems like a very interesting concept and I can’t wait to try out the demo when it comes out!


That may take a while since I’m unsure when my friend is going to start coding, so you’ll have to sit in your seats an wait patiently.


That sounds amazing! I can’t wait to play the demo.


Yeah this game does sound promising and I can’t wait to play the demo [quote=“moonwalkerdragon, post:1, topic:18850”]
Sorry, I know it isn’t helpful but I tried my beast :relaxed:.

:joy::joy::joy: Nice pun


Thank you, thank you, I will be lurking here all week!


what if the gods you stated were like the teachers of Beast High?
and had some of greek monsters such as cyclops chimera as like the school guard that keep out unwanted presence a Minotaur as well just suggestions don’t need to use them if you don’t want to