Would anyone play a game like F/SN? [poll]


So I got bored one day and wrote a thing. But I’m curious to make it a ChoiceScript game, given it seems like the concept will work.

Thus, my question is, would anyone like a game like Fate/Stay Night (or Fate/Zero, same universe)? Concept wise, at least. With the whole “Bringing around historical figures to fight like it’s Pokemon” kinda thing. Very obviously, it won’t be similar beyond that whole basic idea, but ey, whatev. It’s a crack idea I thought up.

So anybody interested in seeing that?

  • Yes
  • No

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Like dog fighting with people? Just kidding, yeah it would be neat. I loved those shows, especially Archer’s awesome engrish at the end.


I’m like the caster or saber type’s their awesome to me


I really like Saber, I just thought this scene was funny.


fate stay extra caster looks awesome


I’d definitely be interested. Always thought the whole concept is perfectly suited for role-playing purposes.
It’d be nice to have a Lancer who isn’t a cosmic plaything for once too.