A Battle System?


First! I am in agreement with anyone who would say C/S games are more story than game and should remain so, don’t bite my head off here, this is merely a speculation.

I was looking through my [Which one?] idea thread and designing a mish-mash of a design when I laughed and thought, hey this reminds me a little bit of Final Fantasy.

A thought occurred to me and I’ve considered that it would be entirely plausible to actually make a Final Fantasy (or Pokemon?) like battle system (ATB) in Choicescript… I’m not saying it would be a good idea or whether it’d be all fun, honestly right now I actually think it’d be a bit of a drag, especially if it was compulsory.

But I was curious as to what people think, if there’s any situations perhaps where it would work, or whether it isn’t actually possible because of something I’ve overlooked or whether there is a way you could structure it to make it more ‘story-battle-like’ (If that’s even an understandable term…)

It’s literally just a topic I want to discuss, more than an idea I want to pursue (although depending on where discussion goes, who knows?).


I think it would be fun to at try to have some instances where you choose if you’re going to slash or block , although I’d rather have it depend on stats.
Could be fun to experiment with.


You can give choices as to the way you would be fighting. Like you get the choice to fight defensively or just go totally berserk about it. FF turn based attacks system isn’t bad, but only when you have something graphical with it. But still. If you chose to do otherwise, i don’t gonna be hatin’ you or anything.


For me, even if the story was rock solid. I would get bored with a complex battle scene. Quick choices would be ok. To be honest I read choice for the stories not an action packed txt. I have plenty of those. Though if this something you do end up persuing I would check it out.


@noogai - They most certainly would depend on stats of course, weapons too and learnt magic if your story had any! ^^

@Polonium - Yeah I think something to give you a bit of controllable action would be immense, and while pictures aren’t out of the question with C/S, I agree it just wouldn’t be the same.

@Lordirish - That’s what I feel most people will think and I respect and in most regards agree entirely, I don’t currently plan on pursuing anything, I did have a little experiment to prove to myself it could be done, but it’s nothing worth showing. Polonium’s and Noogai’s ideas on a small implementation have intrigued me though.

Thanks for your input guys


It’s not a bad idea, but you would have to be careful not to force the player to go through too much grinding. Personally I don’t have a problem with extensive battle scenes, but being forced to fight two dozen random opponents to level up is pretty painful.


Maybe a boss battle, but regular fights a quicker choice I feel is more complimentary to choicescript


Okay, first we need to recognize that such battle systems rely (at least a bit) on graphics to remain interesting. Of course, now we have access to rudimentary graphics too. One thing is that battles need to be short. Very short, about a dozen moves per fight. Are we talking about an easily modable battle system, or a system built for a single game?


I don’t have anything inparticular in mind, but if it were to be done, I’d try and make it something people could implement into their own games without too much hassle. They would indeed need to be short battles and not tied to levels/grinding - each battle would have to be unique and interesting and the actual mechanics wouldn’t be a carbon copyof an ATB system, I’d look at ways to make it compliment choicescript, if at all possible.