Choicescript games with a combat system

Hi there. I’m a frequent lurker here. I’ve been trying to find a cs game with a combat system in place (beyond just stat checks; eg turnbased fight). So far, I have not been able to find any that has a working link.

Is anyone able to recommend a cs game with such implemented systemsn

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I think (only know from hearsay) Great Tournament has one? Though afaik that one can get very frustrating?

IIRC Swamp Castle has one too, though I can’t remember how they made the stat checks.

I don’t quite understand what you mean, but do you mean something like games where stats aren’t that vital to instant success or failure in a fight?
If so, you can check out Fallen Hero :slight_smile:

Sorry Im not very clear. I meant a combat system that is, for instance, turn based (think DnD, FF, or non-RP MUDs) as opposed to stat checks (you cannot lift this rock/defeat this guy unscathed with X stat).

ohh I see! Off the top of my head, Swamp Castle, and The Great Tournament (1 and 2) have those turn-based combat systems. Combat features more prominently in these games :slight_smile:

I can’t quite recall any others, heh.

Almost all of my games have a combat system. Tokyo Wizard is mostly based around spells, but you can also use some weapons. Highway Wars has a vehicle combat system. If you are more into superheroes, you might want to try the WIP Birth of a Hero (any thoughts or help on the combat system is welcome! :slight_smile: Otherwise, my first WIP The Nebula also has one, but I’m in the process of rewriting large chunks of the game…