Would anyone like to create a world with me?

I want to play a game with everyone. I’m going to create a create a simple setting on which the stories will take place and I’m going to ask you to fill it in. Every week or so, I’m going to create a map of the world we’ve created and consolidate everything you’ve given me.

The rules are simple:

  1. The first week is going to be spent crafting what the world will look like. You may add anything from forests, to mountains, to volcanoes, to islands and continents; let your imagination run wild. From then on, we’re going to add people and begin to craft the history of this world. Keep in mind though, that this is a low-fantasy setting, meaning that while magic certainly exist in this world, it has a very low profile and is extremely rare. Would also be awesome if you can attach a picture of what you’ve created or edit the world from your previous post. However, good descriptions are fine too.

  2. You have one action every day to spend however you like, whether it is to create a mountain-range or making a river. When we get to part 2, however, you will choose one group of people and stick with it. With it, you may choose one action for them (for example, declaring war or enacting a reform). I will determine what results from your actions and I reserve the right to over-rule your action if I feel they are inappropriate.

  3. …hm. I can’t think of any more. I’m sure some will come up sooner or later though. I will edit this post as they do so remember to keep checking back every few days!

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i want to do it although you might best keep a map of the land a handrawn is ok i think

Sounds good to me

Can’t remember how to add pictures on here or even if we can but…


I’d like to sea a region, maybe a small island chain or island with an ocean like this and call it

“The Sea of Lights”


(Can we start?)

I’d join. I have good ideas thanks to The Sims 3 and 2. XD

Gonna start brainstorming regions in SimCity 4. XD (I don’t have SimCity [The new one] yet, “I ish arh pwer peesern”)

i’d think of a continent with much mountain forest and lakes are at the top portion of the mountain
i’m gonna call it The Secret Lands

A jungle with giant canyons and citys in the trees. “Broken Forest”

A coal-black tree with a face carved on it, it rests on a haunting field of pure white grass. It is simply called ‘Dark Seed’.

Wow, I see some great ideas so far! Okay, I’m going to see if I can’t draw up a map of our world when I get back from work tonight. It’s going to look great! And remember, anyone can join at any time, for now at least!

Oh also, @P0RT3R, no cities yet. That’s going to be in part 2 and your people are actually going to found and name these cities. :stuck_out_tongue: So let’s say we just have a giant canyon surrounded by a jungle with gigantic trees?

I wanna join! How about an Giant Baobab tree on top of a Waterfall in a Savannah? I took reference of it from the jungles from the Angel Falls in South America.

What will we name the world?

A medium to low height mountain range containing several temperate forest valleys, through which a large river runs, sourced somewhere among the range’s highest peaks. Several smaller waterways, ranging from creeks to rapids and small waterfalls exist. Big game (deer, bears, etc) and iron/coal deposits are plentiful. The winter is hard, but most of the spring and summer are mild.

Place the range where you please.

I’ll join. How about a plateau with an extensive cave system and a lake on top that floods over the sides at times. “Leaky Plateau”

We can ad floating islands and maaaaby if i have time i can draw a map on a “A3” but it will take long

Floating islands aren’t low fantasy.

Bah! Humbug! let’s just go call it Terabithia - where Daydreamers may cross the bridge from the ‘real’ World, to the Majestic, wonderful place of low fantasy- Eh, no. I’m kidding. Let’s all be rational about this.

A large barren wasteland, the remnant of a great war fought long ago.

How did the war ruin the land? Expand on wasteland.

I’d like to join as well

~A coastal region on the South/Southeastern proportion of a continent. It’s crusted by clear waters and white sand, which change colors to a more purple hue only during sunset on the day of a full moon. Besides this natural phenomenon, the thick forest, that rests between the beach and the rest of the continent, is also well known. The forest is a surprisingly moist environment, with collecting the moisture from the sea breeze and trapping it in it’s heavy vegetation and all. They say that the dew that coast most of the forest has “magical capabilities”, and that on warm days when the air is the dense, you’re able to experience astronomical things.

Although this hasn’t been exactly proven yet, it still is a humming thought in the back of people’s minds.

This place is known as ~the Transeuphoral Coast~. Also known o be the highest concentration of magic.

((by the way, if this is too much for low-fantasy i can bring it down a bit. I’m usually a high-fantasy type of gal))

Like AiToeto, I’m more of a high fantasy kind of guy, but I suppose I can try to work with this.

A single tall mountain surrounded by a double ring of other mountains. The inner ring is taller than the center peak, and the outer ring is shorter, allowing faraway view of the inner ring but not the mountain in the middle. The center mountain has a spring-fed river originating at the very top that flows approximately a fifth of the way down before tumbling off a ledge to fall into the hidden lake (the Freezing Pool) below. The moaning and whistling of the wind through the mountain complex resonates at just the right frequency that the water bends and twists on the way down but still lands in the same spot as during the rare occurrences when there is no wind at all. This range is in the north about twenty miles from the coast, thus all of the mountains are perpetually covered in snow a few feet deep. The mountains are all riddled with interconnected caves and caverns.