World Institute for Superpowered People: Episode One



Yeah but that’s were I get the x-men vide from, because they can do alot with a few powers. It always hard to put my thoughts into words. I think I meant that I like that we have to work to make or powers strong. ex. Like we just discovered we have telepathy and can start mind controlling towns would be o.p

P.s i like ice manipulation and telepathy. And telekinesis and premonition as by favorite combos


great demo. cant wait for more.


I don’t know if this has already been touched upon, but when might you be working on this game again, the whole premise and the combo of powers and the whole slew of it is awesome; I was just wondering when you might get back to working on it? Or if you have already and I’m just stupid and didn’t notice!


@Sloopy The author is currently working on the War for The West, and may come back to this after finishing it, before writing the sequel that he wants to write. I highly recommend that you have a look at the War for The West, though.

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